I can teach World Dance & Clogging Flashback

Right before all of the graduation festivities happened I attended the BYU Folk dance performance, Spring Festival of Nations, and received my minor certificate! It was actually March 30, 2011 (this week) so yes this is pretty old! I just barely got this picture from Opi though so that's why. If I really wanted to teach dance I could, but I'd rather just learn the dances and perform them! I'm not a really good choreographer and it's just so much more fun to pick up the steps and perfect them!
But here you have it, my certificate.
I'm legit and I CAN teach dance...World Dance that is.
Maybe I haven't explained what World Dance is but it is dances from all around the world (also known as Folk dance).
It includes: Indian (Bollywood, Classical), Hungarian (performed this), Irish step dance (hard shoe/soft shoe- hard shoe is my favorite), Clogging (my forte), Chinese (LOVE Chinese), Israeli (performed this), Mexican (performed this), the Philippines (performed this), Argentine, Scottish, Turkish (so fun), Romanian, American country and line dance, etc.

I think I will have to expound more on this topic later.

See me clog here. (In case you don't know what clogging is.)
Or clog below...
Note: These are tests just for an Advanced Clogging class at BYU!
I'm far right in the all black ensemble.

And speaking of clogging, I just had a lunch date with my friend Amberley Meehleis! I met her through church when I moved to Colorado (when I was 8 years old) and she was into clogging. I tried a class and then became hooked and we danced for years until I quit after winning Nationals in Orlando, Florida.
Here we are today:
And here we are then:
[around elementary school age when we were dominating all of the competitions together :)]
Team photo:
Left to Right (top): Jenna Jordan, Kelsi Gormley (my sister), Caitlynn Meehleis, me, Amberley Meehleis
(bottom): Corie Schofield, Chelsea Bidgood, Natalie Newton, Jacey Sisneros
By the way, our cheer leading clogging dance rocked. This one was SO fun! And a Utah team totally copied our dance and made a cheer leading dance as well. Anyone heard of High Impact from Utah? I would DIE if you knew them...it'd be so hilarious.
Phoenix, Arizona competition

Of course we won 1st place, we always did! Haha. But really.
If anyone is interested in clogging and they live in the Fort Collins, CO area or Provo/Orem, Utah area, let me know because I have hookups with great teachers and studios!
[Amberley is a teacher and is currently at a competition with her team!]


  1. Love it! And I bet you'd be great at choreography. It just takes practice. :)

  2. wow that is so awesome! congratulations :) being a dance instructor totally sounds like a dream job. darn it i wish i didn't quit ballet. i did ballet until middle school and then i tried to take a class in college, buuuut i did not do well hehe

  3. You are so talented! I loved that you guys mixed the clogging with some more modern music :) Very cool.. especially to someone who can barely do the cha cha slide. x


  4. The clogging video is blowing my mind right now...seriously that is amazing and so fun to watch!! I live in Fort collins, too :) haha!!