Friday Happenings with the Canon

Currently one of the benefits of living with the parents are the use of 2 Canon's:
1. Canon Rebel XT (my Grandpa's "old" camera)
2. Canon 7D (my dad's camera)

Here are some pictures from my first attempt to take pictures of around the house yesterday May 20, 2011.  I went out twice during the day as you will be able to tell! And after the photo sessions we went out and celebrated my littlest brother Hunter's birthday party with his friends. We went and played laser tag at a place in Loveland. It was actually super fun! It had been FOREVER (especially for Kevin) and hopefully it won't be years before we go again! Tip: Don't try. First round I got 2nd place. Second round I got 4th place. The more you try the worse you do haha.
Okay here are some of my pictures...tips...anything...let a girl in on some insight!
The swing.
Side shot of house.
Tennis court fun. I need to spend more time getting pictures of Katinka running! It is just hard when you are lying on the court and no one is throwing a ball or anything to get the puppy to run around!
This picture just cracks me up. It looks like she is playing soccer kicking the tennis ball around!
As you can see this is later in the evening. I had to get out there and try to get some pictures before the sun set!
Dock and lake view.
Tennis court.
Detached garage/storage. Wish this was a little annex for Kevin and I to live in :)
Lake view.
Okay that is all! If you are thinking of something to do, maybe go play laser tag! Ha. But really.
Oh, and camera thoughts? I really only know how to use like a couple of buttons!


  1. That picture of Katinka running is ADORABLE! hahaha! SO CUTE! All of these pictures are really good! :D LOve them. And I'm terrible at lazer tag... never been good. haha!

  2. by the way, thanks for helping me out with spreading the word about Courage to Hope. i would love to have you mention it in your blog since your blog is sooo amazing :) miss you!

  3. i think your photos are looking pretty good! that one of katinka sort of flying is awesome hehe

    i recently wrote a blog post about my photography style (basically the techniques i like to incorporate in my photos..) it's here if you're interested in reading :) http://alostfeather.blogspot.com/2011/05/lost-feather-photography-10-tips.html

  4. nice pic of lake.. cant wait till its filled up.