{Favorite} Makeup

Makeup Bare Escentuals
I have been using Bare Minerals makeup for probably around five years now and I love it! It is super light so you don't feel like you're caking makeup on like some liquid foundations do.  It feels like you're not even really wearing makeup! They have many different shades of colors and types for oily or dry skin. A plus is that you can layer it on and blend it really well too!  If you are looking for some new makeup, try this brand out! Their website is here.
The Getting Started kit is a great way to start up your Bare Escentuals collection. You can buy it at Nordstrom and Sephora and probably other places as well; those are just where I buy my Bare Escentuals. I had grown up wearing Clinique and one day when my mom came in town to visit me at BYU, she brought me this kit. I tested it out and liked it.  Now it is all I wear...except for eyeliner and mascara! I got this kit but with the Fairly Light Foundation because I am so dang white!  I wear Bare Minerals eye shadows as well.

Everyday, I wear MAC Liquidlast eyeliner in Brown and I wear whatever mascara I happened to buy at Target. I honestly never wear mascara except for on special occasions or whenever I have extra time to get ready in the morning, which is like never. I can't stand taking off mascara and I have pretty long eyelashes so I just don't wear it! I'm pretty boring when it comes to makeup as I've honestly done the same "look" for the past several years...yikes! I know, I am working on it, so horrible... But that is my {Favorite} Makeup!

What is your {Favorite} Makeup product that you can't live without?

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