BYU Commencement

After the BYU Student Athlete Graduation Luncheon we went to Commencement! In this year's Commencement we listened to Elder Richard G. Scott speak, heard the Men's Chorus choir sing, and some other things that I don't remember because I didn't listen then.  You line up in your colleges but you aren't in alphabetical order so you can sit by anyone! It was fun to get in our caps and gowns and get all excited for graduation with some friends who you've been working hard in your classes together!
April 21, 2011 - Thursday
Marketing geniuses- Ani Van Buskirk, Brooke Pepper, me, & Celestine (Science genius)
Walking to be seated in the Marriott Center...me & Ani and a random Men's Chorus singer to the left of me...what the heck is he doing?!?!
Under the tunnel- Ani, Brooke, & I
Ani, Brooke, & I about to walk out to be seated
Usual Kevin style picture...refusing to smile :)
Kevin and his friend Ryan
Do you see us? Props to my grandpa, Opi for getting this one...
And then a lot of our family ate together at the Bombay House! I LOVE the Bombay House! It is authentic Indian cuisine and I always get Chicken Tikka Masala with Naan :) Try it out!
Left to right: Omi, Kirra (cousin), Greg, Anna, Kathy, Kevin, me, Cory (cousin), NiKol, Hunter (in front), David, Zach (in front), Patrick, Opi
I totally had a birthday celebration at the Bombay House and had a dance party with the Indian waiters here.

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