Advice & the Unknown

That advice is just for me. And can be for you too.
I have no clue what I am doing right now, and I'm okay with that. I've been a college grad for a month now and it is definitely nice to take some time off and get caught up with random crap you have procrastinated...like getting new plates and stickers for your car (registration expired today and I just did that today...Procrastination much?)
I am looking for a job and housing. What kind of job? Who knows. There aren't really many Marketing jobs here in Fort Collins, CO and the ones that I have seen you need to be able to code (html/java) and have 20 billion years experience. So not me. I kind of want a part-time job so I can work, work-out, learn how to cook (or least make a legitimate attempt), work on this blog, and take care of the house (er wherever we move to). I also would like to learn how to sew and be more crafty, and read more books. I want a job that is fun; is that too much to ask? I'm starting to shoot out my resume so we'll see what happens soon!
Also, where should we live? All of the apartments here are hundreds of dollars more than in Utah. [Shout out to the fellow Utahns...stop complaining about how expensive BYU tuition is and rent...are you freaking kidding?! Utah is DANG CHEAP! :) But really, it is...and I don't even live in California or New York! K just be grateful friends!]
The apartments here are more expensive and smaller and most places you can't use a grill here due to fire codes. Kevin is pretty bummed about that; he is all about the meat and barbecues! They are small so like when you open your bedroom door you immediately fall into your bed and also your kitchen table is best friends with your living room couch/TV... Or should we fork out a hundred (or so) more and get a town home with a few bedrooms, garage, and basement because eventually we'll have kids. I only say that because I don't want to move every year when our lease is up and eventually we'll have some. Give or take a year or two or three...hehe. And who knows when we will buy? Or should we squeeze in a one bedroom for a year and then move...but what if I'm pregnant...that would probably suck.
K that is all- off to look at another apartment complex!

PS. And aren't these designs amazing?! I got note-cards & envelopes by the same designer (Izak Zenou) from Target yesterday and they are so me!!! I bought 2 packs. One that looks like the designs below and one that has girls with different dogs...amazing!


  1. Tough decisions! I wish I could say I've been there and could help... But I can't. :( I'm sorry! I hate moving too, but maybe stay in the small one for a while and put the money you would be spending on the extra rent aside? :) also, have you ever thought about substitute teaching? Like at schools. I've done it and it's easy! You can specify that you want to be a dance sub and that way you can get some experience in and work part time but not be committed to a studio for a year in case you move!

  2. I agree with not wanting to move over and over. James and I are a little picky about where we live--neighborhoods, neighbors, inside and outside of the house etc. and have always been willing to put a little more into a little nicer place--especially with kiddos. We have moved once while I was pregnant and once just after a baby was born and it was really hard! Just a though. Wish there was something available in Rigden Farms--we'll keep our eyes open!

  3. I feel like I wrote this haha
    Yeah not much jobs here either,and I'm not qualified for anything because I don't have the years and years experience either! Crazy. I'm just looking for a part time 'whatever' job right now before I start looking for a career job.

  4. Good luck chica. I am just graduating too. Have fun with the future, I am sure it will turn out just perfect :) Thanks for stopping by my blog.