Wanted: Puppy Advice Please...!

So I'm worried.
Katinka is a little emo. Like emotional. As in avoidance and Isolation. Hiding in her room, under our bed, and behind the couch.  This is not the Katinka I know.  :(
Katinka ran into the concrete stairs once here and two times here.
She also is afraid of cooking as seen here as one of her insecurities (a pretty recent insecurity actually).  Whenever we are cooking she avoids the kitchen and hides.

Two nights ago, she got attacked by a dog. A mean dog. A dog I now hate.
Here's the story:
I was with Kevin at Cafe Rio and I asked him to go on a walk with me and Katinka when we got home and he said yes.  We got home and I trimmed her nails. Then I kind of felt like I should bring her halter just incase.  She has a collar that we hook her leash to and usually we just do that but I just felt like I should put her in her halter. Why? I just felt like I should.
On a side note... with small dogs they recommend you use a halter because the collars sometimes can hurt their necks if you pull to hard and what not so it is always safer to use a halter instead.  She is definately good on a leash so it's never a problem to just have a collar.  Anyways, its better for their necks.
So we were walking when all of a sudden a dog darts and runs right towards her, running SO fast.  The dog was black and around 15 lbs. so just a little bigger than Katinka who is 5 lbs. We thought the dog was excited to see another dog but that was not the case.  The dog ran SO fast that it skidded past Katinka and fell over.  Then it just started biting Katinka. Katinka of course was not okay with that so she was growling.  We realized that this was not playful at all and I started trying to pick Katinka up by the leash (in the halter).  I kept yelling at Kevin "Get her! Pick her up!" It wasn't really working because the other dog was just going after her.  Then Kevin kicked the dog and it came back and then he threw it a few feet in the air. So proud of Kevin.  Then I grabbed Katinka.
Oh, and I totally had an adrenaline rush the whole time.  I was SO shocked and pissed at the dog...why wasn't this dog on a leash? The owner was there (I don't know how he got there) and was like "Oh, sorry! He doesn't like dogs!" YEAH! Obviously we realized that...why isn't he on a leash is the qusetion... I look at her and I see she is not bleeding but there is a ton of saliva from the other dog all over Katinka's back and in her fur... I think she's okay so we leave.
Kevin and I then start walking again on the walk and are talking about it.  He then told me he had kicked the dog kind of hard and threw it far. I didn't even realize that.  He then told me I shouldn't have tried to put my hands down to get Katinka where the other dog was biting as it could have bit my hand. I didn't care though because that stupid dog was attacking Katinka.  Kevin said he would have kicked the dog a lot harder and whatnot if the owner wasn't there. I'm just glad Kevin was there to get the dog away.
Anyways, I get home and give her a bath and am combing her fur and I see a red bruise.  The bruise is where the dog tried to bite her but didn't break her skin, thankfully. But still very painful.

The next morning (April 13, 2011) I go into her room and pick her up and she screams...as she is sore.  On my way to school (my last day of school ever!) I call the vet and explain the situation that pretty sure her skin is not broken but she is sore and wondering if there is anything I should be concerned about... they say to just bring her in.

Today (April 14, 2011), I took Katinka to the vet and explain the two run ins with the stairs, the dog attack, and her isolation. All of her vitals are fine however the bruise from the dog fight they say is pretty painful.  They found out her 4 front bottom teeth are loose...which usually happens with older dogs.  She has a little bit of an under-bite (or over-bite?) so her lower teeth stick out a little further so it makes perfect sense that when she ran face first into the stairs her bottom teeth hit first. They said they could do an X-ray to see if her teeth were still connected as it may have broken the connectors (I am no dentist but you know what I mean).  This may explain why she is isolating herself and not wanting to play and ignoring us, because she is in pain.  They said they could do a cleaning and check them out then too but it is hard to know if she is in pain for that without paying for all the exams.  They said they could just extract them as well.  I guess when she hit her face she messed up her teeth and didn't cut open her chin.  It makes sense though because there was a lot of blood.

Another reason of her behavior could merely be that she is stressed.  Apparently dogs can sense their owners stress and feed off of that.  I don't feel like I am TOO stressed but we did get a job offer in the past few months and are graduating next Friday from BYU.  We started packing up our apartment last Saturday and there are boxes EVERYWHERE. The vet actually asked me if we are moving and said he can guarantee that she is freaking out because her surroundings have completely changed. That is stressful.

Or she has dog PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)... I only know what that means because I worked at a psychiatric treatment center.  A lot of semi-traumatic experiences has happened to her recently and she is probably freaked out! Also, I was there for a few of them so she may associate me with the bad experiences...and may think I caused them?

So I just got some pain meds and we will see if she returns to her usual self (pre isolation or I guess depression) meaning she is in pain and we need to look into it further or if she stays the same then who knows what.  And it will take at least 2 months for her to get settled after we moved as it is very stressful on pets as well.

I guess I am just wondering how I can get Katinka to hang out with more like she used to.  When I call her to the living room she just wants to stay in her room.  When we move the barrier from the living room to the hallway she just runs to her room or under our bed.  She will play sometimes when we go into her room but when we try to bring the game somewhere else she doesn't want to come.  I even tried to give her a treat the other day and she didn't really want it (she used to be OBSESSED).  And she is only 2 years old so she should still be very playful.

I guess I'll just her more attention and hope when we move she goes back to her old self otherwise I have got to figure this out.  The vet couldn't pinpoint it down other than it may be pain from her teeth but they aren't really sure.

Any words of advice?!?! I would love it.
Look at this cute lil' sunbathin' beauty! Love her!

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  1. oh ash.

    I am so sorry to read about all this.

    I am sorta clueless when it comes to pups, so I don't have advise, but just wanted to say i hope she gets to feeling better (and you too!) so you can enjoy these next few weeks!


    not to sound silly, but I will pray for the pup! :)