Shoes, Asians, & GG

So I'm bummed. I just got back from shopping at good ol' University Mall with my friend Jaewon and did not fine ONE single dress that was long enough, cute, and affordable (or even a little more expensive)! Pretty much this means I will be buying a pair of shoes for graduation...sometime next week. We'll see. Unless I feel like going to Park City and the outlets Monday or Tuesday...
Anyways, anyone have Toms? I talked about these cute Elephant Toms here because elephants are my favorite animal!
I tried on a few sizes of these babies at Nordstrom and don't think I can even buy any. 7 1/2 are a little too big and 7 seems a little small and the part that goes over the top of your foot is scratchy! Like badly made! Thoughts? Do you have any and do they really stretch out? Apparently they do...but I don't want to buy them and that not happen!
Also, opinion on these Sperrys? I'm trying to decide which color to purchase (since I am not probably not getting Toms...)
Gold ones?
Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original Metallic Boat Shoe.preview
Or something more versatile...? The more classic original brown Sperry...
Oh, and this is for you Jaewon! Freaking cute huh!? I will have to dress my kids like this :)
Since I'm talking about shoes...and fashion...who's excited for Gossip Girl to start back up? It starts back up April 18, 2011 so this Monday! I'm definitely excited to watch it and look at all of their clothes...!
Okay that is all for this random post!


  1. i have red toms, Ash & yes they do stretch out. I usually wear a 8 and got my toms in 7.5 and they fit perfectly (i've had them for a 2.5 months now i think & they stretched out to the point where the felt comfy after like 4 wears.)

    i also have sperry's. mine are the angelfish style in greige nubuck/tattersall. (sperry's usually run big so get half a size smaller if you go for sperrys)

    i love both my toms and my sperrys but i gotta say that i love my sperrys a little bit more. but then again, i don't have awesome elephant toms....

    wait so are you not gonna wear heels at graduation??? or is this just like a graduation present to yourself...

    love ya, miss ya, can't wait to see you!


  2. Thank you for posting the pic. That little girl is one stylish cutie, I love her and I'm really obsessed! Today was fun at the mall, get yo toms soon girl!

  3. Hey Thanks for the comment on my blog!!! & that little girl is STYLIN, I love it!

  4. I love the elephant toms! So cute! I have never had a pair, but I have heard from friends that they stretch out.

    That picture of the little girl in the different outfits is just adorable. I so want my little girl to be dressed like that!

  5. Amy, my mom and I all have TOMS. they definatly stretch out. i had actually learned on my mission to buy a size small cuz Argentina is full of knock off TOMS. So when i did buy my real pair at Nordstroms i went a size smaller. i absolutely LOVE my TOMS!!! They remind me of Argentina!!! :)

  6. i have a pair of the black sparkly toms. they were scratchy on the top of my foot and i was hating it. i actually put a piece of tape over the part that itched my foot. and it's fine. i have worn them a ton and they don't itch anymore. and they stretch out! i normally wear an 8, but i have one pair that's a 7 and one that's a 7.5, but they definitely stretch out!

    i love the gold sperry's. love. you'll look cute no matter what, i'm sure!!

  7. Love the sperry's! PLease get them :) Also do you go to BYU? cause I'm heading out there this summer :) Also I love the pictures of the little girl...I will definitely be dressing my child like that someday!