Retreat in Manti


Flock of sheep crossing the road on our way to Manti! They were just sheared so they look naked.

Kevin is currently in the bishopric in the BYU 175th Married Student Ward.  His calling is the Ward Executive Secretary...until we move in a week and a couple of days!  Our Bishop has multiple cabins in Utah so last weekend he invited the bishopric and their wives and kids to come to his cabin in Manti.  So last weekend, April 8-9, we did just that! It was a little overnighter that was relaxing and very much needed!
Here are some pictures I took to show some of his cabin decor...
Bear stuffed animal. Very cute.
Deer #1. As you can see here he is a BIG hunter! He has his own taxidermist and has mounted animal heads (is that how you talk about this stuff? Ha) all in one big room in his house in Provo. Like stuffed animals and heads like crazy...like that is all you see.  His wife only lets him put his animals in one room in his normal house. There were a few more animals and birds mounted in this cabin but I just got pictures of these! Pretty much when we saw Bishop's room in his house Kevin fell in love haha. Kevin loves hunting.
Deer #2.
And last week, in April, it did snow a lot!
Kevin and some of the husbands hit golf balls into the lake behind the cabin...they had to clear off a little patch of snow to get to the grass. Dedication right there!

When we got there we played card games and had pizza. We stayed up real late talking and playing a random game on Kinnect where you are riding a raft down a river, jumping and ducking around obstacles on an obstacle course, playing a dodge-ball game, etc. Those Kinnect games are really fun and it's very fun to watch others play! I did the obstacle one and it seriously felt like it was a workout haha. I was sore from working out during that week and that obstacle game was all ducking (squats) and jumping...
We will miss our ward here in Provo! I love the married student wards so much! I guess we can't avoid family wards much longer.. :)


  1. What incredibly photos! You're an excellent photographer! Thanks for your comment on my blog! We did buy the Act of Marriage. I've heard from SO many people that it was an awesome read. We're just waiting to get a little bit closer to read it cuz I hear it can get a bit graphic. OH, and I would be able to tell you if the thigh thing was working...if I was actually using it ;)