Rent or Buy

To rent or buy?! This is all that I'm thinking about right now! Okay, so if you have any experience or thoughts regarding this issue, let me know :)
+ Renting... the housing market is a little more expensive than Provo (I guess that is relative since Provo is so dang cheap) and I keep finding sweet places to live and then find out they have income restrictions! So annoying.  Yes, and you may be thinking how is an income restricted place nice? Well, there are some brand new ones here and they look pretty good haha. Don't ask why? I don't know. Maybe they're trashed in reality, who knows.  I guess we are super cheap and feel like we can find housing less than a $1000/month but who knows. So we could just rent a place until we feel that we should buy and save up more... Downside...moving furniture is such a pain! And we get so many dings on our furniture :( But renting could be a smart option so we could find out exactly where we want to buy a house by living in the area (although I know the area pretty well).
+ Buying... now this is the hard part. We can totally afford a house and get a loan however, do I want to live in the one we can afford comfortably for 5-8 years? I don't want to get into a house for the sake of getting into one to *save* money by investing instead of just throwing it out at the renters. Also, the housing market fluctuates so what if we got into something and it went downhill...or uphill?! Also, it would be SO nice to know where the Fort Collins temple is going to be built...so we could maybe buy a house and have the property value skyrocket haha! Plus who wouldn't want a temple in their backyard? Okay the haters who write mean comments on the temple article in the Coloradoan newspaper don't ... So far we haven't gotten a hold of any insider information and the bishops here have even had to tell the wards to stop speculating because they have no clue where it is. Also, how many kids will we have and how long will we live there? Who knows?! Then we have to keep in mind the whole school district thing. Today we are meeting with a real estate agent (one of my friends who I grew up with) so we will get more info there.

Now...house...or...town-home...? I thought Kevin didn't want to live in a town-home but now we are maybe considering getting a nice town-home. Who knows? Ha. We are so confused!

Okay thoughts?! Pros/cons? Good loan tips? Insider information on the FoCo (that's what we call Fort Collins here :) ) temple?!

[Oh, and I definitely need to update the blog regarding the graduation festivities so stay tuned!]

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