{Learn Something} 4

April 1, 2011

Here are my lessons learned for this week!
(And here is me when I was on the BYU Folk Dance team -10RB- Christmas Around the World 2008- we did a dance from the Philippines. From left to right: Jan, Karen, me, Amanda, & Abbey)
+ Health is not to be taken for granted! I am getting better though thanks to my grandpa (who is an ER doctor) who called in a prescription for me! Say no to sinus infections.
+ I love shopping, still.  I am an addict?
+ Family is awesome... I'm sitting next to my mom right now on the hotel bed!
+ I need to workout more often! As of tonight, I have some new cute Gap Body workout clothes :)
+ I miss dance.  I received my certificate for completing the World Dance minor at BYU and watched the BYU Folk Dance team dance on Wednesday... and I miss dance!  Dance was a lot of fun at BYU! See picture above.
+ Learned some good news...Kelsi got her Visa (she is in San Antonio, Texas on her mission temporarily) and is going to Sao, Paulo Brazil on Monday!!!
+ Even when you try to acquire extra raffle tickets to events to possibly win something, you probably still won't win. Haha.  I went to the BYU Business Plan Competition for my Entrepreneurship Lecture Series class and for fun and didn't win anything ha.  I won a free Business Plan Competition t-shirt in my Entrepreneurial Marketing class earlier in the week and they said if I wear it I will get an extra raffle ticket at the event so I did.  I also liked the event on Facebook to get another ticket. No new iPad or Tv for me haha. Always worth the try.  I also went to the Omniture Web Analytics Competition and many more in the past to try to win lol.
+ I still love Antoine Dodson. Enough said.
+ I like the BYU's Humor U "Jimmer" Antoine Dodson You Tube video.
+ I like the BYU's Humor U Old Spice You Tube video.

Okay go You Tube it up! I'm off to look at foreclosed houses online now :)
Happy April 1st!
Until next week! Tschus! Guten nacht!

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