{Learn Something} 7

Sorry this {Learn Something} post will encompass many lessons I learned during the past two weeks! Last Friday was graduation from BYU and I definitely did not have enough time to compose a post! :) Take it or leave it.

+ Graduation is super fun. Totally worth it. [Side note: Totally graduate, don't drop out.] Go to Commencement and Convocations. I'm so glad I did! It was a fun last get together with my girls in the Marriott School of Management!
Ani, Brooke, me, & Cel right before BYU Commencement
[Minus Cel- she did a genius (science) program and got honors...legit.
Proud of her for reinforcing the Asian= smartness stereotype.]
+ When wanting to take graduation pictures...wait...and do it days before or days after...we did some a few days after and it was obviously not crowded. There will not be a line of 10 people who want to ride the Cougar statue in front of the football stadium.
+ Surprisingly, dogs may like wearing things on their heads... Katinka didn't mind her grad cap. Gotta love that pooch.
+ Global warming is a joke. We definitely drove through a snow storm in Wyoming in APRIL on our way to Fort Collins! Give me a break.

+ If you are looking to buy a house and don't mind living in the boonies you can get one dang nice house! But then you will be driving everywhere...to the grocery store...to the gym...to the mall...I dislike driving far to get to one place.  It should all just be around.
+ Fort Collins, Colorado is one happening place...the place to be! It is getting kind of expensive (rent and housing)! Annoying for rent but good for housing resell if you can even afford one in the city.  It is one of the top rated places to live in the US! Every year according to CNN, and a list of other publications, Fort Collins is rated as one of the top 10 cities to live in for the past decade (give or take)... it is rated #1, 2, 4, 6...etc.  And actually my elementary school is one of the top rated in the US with blue ribbons and whatnot. I didn't realize it was that legit. Good ol' Werner Elementary :) Consider Fort Collins when deciding where to live! :)
+ Gold's Gym will eventually screw you over unless you just go to their gym for the entire term of the contract and have no unforeseen circumstances come up. I've heard horror stories but I still got a membership because it was bigger, had more locations, had more frequent and better group workout classes, and I liked it more than other facilities.  Also, I had a ton of friends who worked out there! I have such good memories of going to the gym with my friends and I loved it! However, I wanted to transfer my gym membership to the closest Gold's Gym here in Colorado which is Loveland.  Apparently they have different ownership and they won't let me go there! I already prepaid until my gym membership ends, which is Dec. 10, 2011.  So I have about 8 months of working out I was going to do... And it would cost $100 to transfer it...if they would let me. I could sell my contract to someone in Utah but it may actually be cheaper to just leave it be. I'm thinking about this one.

But enough about housing, that is all I think about right now! It is driving me crazy.  And yes, I still have to catch up on graduation weekend. It will happen.

Hope you're all doing well!
PS. I totally am going to try and get a job on Monday. Wish me luck.

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