{Learn Something} 6

Here is what I learned this week!

+ I have no motivation to study so I am on Blogger. It is a good distraction. I am going to take one of my finals today...after I get off and study :)
+ I can't find any cute dresses that are long enough and/or affordable. My mom and I went to Nordstroms and they were all too short! It sucks for us tall people! And why do they have a petite section in the Banana Republic here in Provo? I'd say there are more tall people than short and small!  Any suggestions? I need one by this Friday (graduation) :) So kind of an emergency! Anyone wanna go shopping?
+ I am so worried about Katinka. Enough said.
+ Graduation is coming way fast and I'm okay with it! Anyone want to make me these :)
+ U-Hauls definitely know how to take advantage of supply and demand here in Provo. A year and a half ago we drove a U-Haul from Fort Collins to Provo with my parents' hand me down furniture and now we are renting one from Provo to Fort Collins and it has more than doubled in price...doubled in hundreds... really? So ridiculous! I was about to make a "dumb" comment about taking advantage of our willingness to pay and consumer and producer surplus but then I decided I wouldn't...I will refrain from economics.
+ The Sales Rep who we bought our graduation announcements and cap and gown is really bad at his job. I called him twice and left voicemails regarding late announcements and when to pick up our stole and he did not call me back! Really? It's not that hard. I could honestly do as good as him or better...I took a Sales class and he sucks.
+ You can do 'multiple guess' on part of your Strategy final...and still do decently well! To graduate from the Marriott School of Management you have to take the capstone class, Strategic Management 498 and in it the final is an online simulation where you are the CEO and you have to make decisions for a big company.  You are in charge of Finance, Marketing, R&D, Production, HR, Total Quality Management, and you are competing against computers and your scores will be compared accross business schools accross the nation. You  make these decisions and then answers questions to the "Board of Directors"...I guessed on 75% of them because they were dang hard and I didn't want to try...and I did surprisingly well!

Welp, this wasn't a very interesting post so I apologize...just been finals week, packing, and getting ready to head out of Provo... hope you all have a great day! And I'm off to finish finals soon hopefully :)

Oh, and PLEASE let me know if you have seen any cute dresses around Provo/Park City/Salt Lake region! :)

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  1. i completely agree about the dress situation! being six feet tall does not bode well for someone trying to buy a knee length dress... good luck! i'm sure you'll look beautiful at graduation. :) i'm so excited for you!