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+ Love Instagram. Enough said. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, look it up, it's an iPhone app (probably a website as well).
+ Drive safe, alert, a cautious driver, and wear your seat-belt! And...look for bikers! 
As I was going to my cooking lab this was the scene before me:
And I think everyone was okay but still it should motivate you to drive safer, right? Well, I hope so.
It was just crazy because I decided to wait a minute and take a daily vitamin and if I didn't I could have gotten in the wreck! (When I say that to Kevin, he just laughs because you can always say those kinds of things around bad situations- if you know what I mean.) The cop cars and ambulances weren't even there yet. It happened RIGHT before I got there and don't worry there were witnesses who were helping.
AND...this week I saw a biker get hit by a car!
I was driving on Bulldog (close to BYU) in the far right lane.  The car (big SUV) in front of me was turning into Taco Bell when BAM! The driver turned right INTO a biker! I saw the biker's face and saw him get slammed up against the car and fly off his bike! I was on the phone with my mom when this all happened and was like "Gotta go just saw a biker get hit by a car!!!" I turned right on Freedom Blvd. and entered Taco Bell and then checked if everyone was okay.  You could tell the car driver felt bad and apparently the biker was fine but I think he was just saying that.  He was so shook up.  I asked "WOW are you okay? I saw everything!" He just was trying to fix the chain on his bike and said he was fine...so watch out for those bikers!
+ Cabins are great. We just got back from a little weekend retreat at our Bishop's cabin near Manti! Will post on this later.
+ Packing doesn't happen on its own! You need to just do it... that is my plan for tonight, unfortunately. And we will be leaving before the end of April so this month!
+ Graduation comes with many decisions! I like change but I don't like choosing hard decisions sometime...like rent or buy? or what job should I get?
+ Don't pay for moving boxes! I already knew this, but I always meet people (like me- a year ago) who don't realize you can get hooked up with free moving boxes at local stores like Walmart.  [Just incase someone is moving out there who is happening to read this!] We used to pay a few bucks per box from U-Haul and dang that added up! Just go to your local Walmart around 11:30pm, grab a cart, and shop for free boxes! (They are restocking then) I would recommend calling ahead to make sure they do it. I've also heard you can get them at grocery stores...Costco...etc.
+ My camera is really due for an upgrade.  Mine is ancient and I think it is the one that I got after I smashed my last digital camera in high school.  I landed on it with my stomach/chest snowboarding, after I fell off a really long high skinny rail in the terrain park. It hurt. And glad the bros came to see if I was okay "dudeee are you okayyyy?" I think it is time to save up for a LEGIT camera! Like not a professional one but one that takes quality pictures. Recommendations?
+ Don't have a big box of
Or you will pretty much eat the entire thing. So much for me going to the gym this week! But gotta love my grandpa, Opi, for always bringing these chocolate covered macadamia nuts to me whenever he goes to Hawaii!

+ I really married an entrepreneur.  Kevin has so many ideas each day and hopefully one day some will turn into successful businesses!
+ I use too many photos online for this blog. I have used up all of my Blogger ones and now have pretty maxed out my Flickr account...suggestions for places to download? I may just choose one and pay a minimal fee. What are your favs?

Hope you're all doing well and I have 2 questions for you!
1. Recommendations on cameras?
2. Favorite picture uploading sites?

Happy Saturday!

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