Las Vegas Spring Break (2/2)

Here is Part 2 of my 2 Vegas posts-yes it is a little late. See Part 1 here.

Sunday, March, 12, 2011-
We started the day with a brunch at the JW Marriott and headed out to church.  My mom's cousin lives in Vegas so we went to her ward.  Then we headed out to the Vegas temple! Pretty temple in a pretty neighborhood!
Everyone minus my dad (he's usually the photographer), Patrick & Kelsi
Left to right: Hunter, Kevin, me, Zach, & mom
So we heard about this place from Matthew Dixon about the Las Vegas temple; it is a place by benches in a bunch of trees where you can talk and hear it somewhere else...unfortunately we didn't find that spot but we did find a couple places where you stand and it feels like you are speaking with a microphone... so crazy! We all fought over who got to stand there and talk haha.  Here is Hunter being a preacher on one of those spots haha. He sure is hilarious.
Just us...something looks weird with my eyes haha.
I love the temple!
Then we ate at Roy's for dinner and I remember I ate a ton of edamame!
Yes, this is my picture for Roy's!
Afterwards we walked around the resort and ended up taking lots of pictures and then Kevin got annoyed because he just wanted to walk around haha.
Before we explored the resort!
I'm actually on the other side of the bridge like where I could fall into the river/lake if you know what I mean? Hunter was walking on the outside and holding onto the railing and I decided to as well ha.
Zach & me- Zach is obsessed w/photography so he's showing me some photo apps on his iPhone
Just hanging out- Hunter, me, & mom
Hunter & me!

Monday, March 13, 2011-

Monday we had brunch, layed out at the pool all day, then got ready and headed out to the Excaliber Hotel to see the The Tournament of Kings! We all thought my youngest brothers would like it so we chose this show! I remember seeing a show like this (somewhere in Southern Cali) when I was younger and remembered how I loved it...Kevin had a similar experience as well.  We went in pumped and it was a little tacky ha. The show was in a small arena that had a low ceiling and not very good ventilation; I mean it is the Excaliber Hotel.  The horses and hay and whatnot caused Kevin and my mom to get major allergies...sneezing like crazy and coughing and watering eyes... but it was still fun!
Here is Kev & I right before the show- we sat in the RUSSIA area!
We ate this meal with our bare hands haha.
And we watched jousting!
After the show we went to a local mall outside of the strip, ate at Coldstone Creamery, and headed to bed early... we left the hotel at 5am to get to class by noon on that Tuesday!  Skipping classes and being a little behind in homework was totally worth the trip! I want to go back to Vegas so bad to see another Cirque de Soleil show!!!

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