Happy 2nd Birthday Katinka!

Miss Katinka turned 2 years old on Wednesday! 
Her birthday was April 6, 2009.
(She shares her birthday with someone else famous...(20:1)!)
Here is her one year birthday post.
Kevin thinks I won't be able to outdo my last post on her, but we will see!
I think next year I'll have a dog party and invite her dog friends... she has 1 friend from Fort Collins and that is Copper, my friend's beagle mix hehe. :)
Here are more reasons why I love her!
1. She's thrifty! 
She will sneak into our mostly finished cups and try to drink the rest of the milk/whatever when we're not looking!
2. She loves watching sports in her game time jersey.
Look at that focus!

3. She still loves to model!
She snuck in my eBay photoshoot last min!
4. She has insecurities!
She is afraid of cooking with oil and will go and turn into a little emo girl behind the couch! And she snuck a Halloween candy bar back there- which she obviously couldn't open and eat!
5. She gets out of control and runs into things...like our concrete stairs and cuts her chin open!
Yes that is blood on her chin and I will blog about this soon.
6. She loves to travel with me. 
[Minus when she threw up in a bus after a flight (in my hand) and once after...well I guess it was this road-trip in our friend's -Dani & Alexs'- front-yard!]
7. She brings out the best in Kevin!
8. She loves to prance whenever we're on walks!
9. She loves meditation in nature; it is a big part of her life.
10. She still loves to do tricks- like sit-up!
Even when I'm faking her out with nothing!

11.  She likes the wind in her hair while boating!
12. She likes stalking me or Kevin and even her dog friends! 
She also loves dogs of all sizes/shapes!
 13. My last reason (for now) is she loves boys! 
I guess she is technically 14 years old now (in dog years) so she does like them...
here she is flirting with a boy!
And that is all! Love her! Happy Birthday little pup!

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