General Conference Week

I love to do really late blog posts and this one is no different.  My mom visited Provo a couple of weeks ago (March 30-April 3) and here's what happened!

March 30, 3011 - Wednesday
My mom came in Wednesday evening.  Her flight was a little delayed coming in as we were going to go to dinner together before we went to a BYU Folk Dance performance. The dance performance was Spring Festival of Nations. Since she was late Kevin, my brother Patrick, and me ate at Rubios. We love that place! Kevin had never eaten there until a few months ago when I took him with a coupon and now he is obsessed!  Anyways, my cousin, Kirra, auditioned for the Folk dance team last fall term and made it so she was on a team and performed that night.  She did great in the performance! Oh, and before the performance I received my certificate of completion for the World Dance minor on stage so I can officially teach World Dance now! I will post on that later when my grandpa, Opi, hooks me up with pictures :)  My grandparents were there as well as Kirra's family and boyfriend.  Then we all ate at Coldstone! Oh and that night was the night I was sick with a sinus infection which succkkked... anyways I got prescription that night thankfully!
The last time I performed in Spring Festival of Nations- team 1 RB! We danced Israeli. I'm in the front middle. I think this was Winter of 2009.
And here is Kevin, so supportive of me, I looove him :)

March 31, 2011 - Thursday
I went to my cooking lab where I actually sat down because I didn't feel well and watched the girls in my cooking kitchen make candy. This is what we made!
Homemade marshmallows (different varieties: some where dipped in pecans, powdered sugar, & coconut)
Pretzal Rolo Turtles (these are amazinggg and so easy!)
We then ate at Kneaders for lunch, I went back to class, hung out, then we ate at a Thai restaurant called Thai Mango.  It was surprisingly good!  After that we headed back to the Marriott School of Management because Kevin and I had to conduct a focus group for Zhats (Zephyr Graf-x).  Zephyr Graf-x is a hat company my dad founded...pretty much the bomb. I think after this we had dessert at Cocoa Bean...and I had the 'Better than whatever' cupcake! SO GOOD!

April 1, 2011 - Friday
We slept in and then headed over to campus to watch the Business Plan Competition in the BYU Marriott School of Management.  The companies were all interesting and the black hilarious standup comedy guy from BYU (who's in the Old Spice commercials) was conducting (is that the right word?) the competition.  I had to attend the competition for one of my lecture series classes.  Then mom, Kevin, Patrick, & his 2 friends Dallin & John went bowling on BYU campus.  We then ate at Zupas and my mom and me went shopping at Banana Republic and Gap.
OH, and earlier in the day my dad got a call from Kelsi's mission president (President Jones- Nancy's dad) in San Antonio, Texas saying Kelsi got her Visa and would leave for Brazil that Monday!

April 2, 2011 - Saturday
General Conference started and we found out about the temple in Fort Collins :) We ate brunch at Magleby's Fresh (french toast of course) and went shopping at Nordstroms for like 5 hours (no joke and don't judge).  When the cute girl who helped us in Point of View (department) rung us up she realized we were Gormleys and said "Kelsi Gormley?!?!" Turns out she danced with Kelsi at BYU-Idaho! So that is crazy! Then we picked up Patrick and Kevin and went bowling again (Patrick loves bowling) and then ate at Goodwood Barbeque.
Bowling pictures:
Mom & Patrick
Mom & me
Kev & I at Goodwood!

April 3, 2011 - Sunday
We watched conference in my mom's hotel and then headed up to Aunt JaKie's for a big Mexican dinner in Clearfield, UT.  She made Cafe Rio type pork and it was so delish! We hung out and talked and my little cousin LuKus (who is learning how to go potty in the potty now) played hide and seek with me outside.  I also got my cousin CaLon to believe I played basketball for BYU and everyone called me Jimmerina.  Then we went outside to do a shoot off and I won... and then we took my mom to the airport! It always sucks when company leaves because you have to go back to the real world and then start on homework you had procrastinated all week... may or may not have happened!

That's pretty much it for that week! Sorry it is so long - if you happen to read until here...wow I'm impressed if you have! I love when family is in town!


  1. You guys are too cute! Sounds like a busy and fun couple of days:-) I'm all about the food! xoxo

  2. so so awesome that you're getting a temple! I teased kevin that they just follow wherever he goes!

    (KC, Italy, Ft Collins!)