Finally in Brazil!

Kelsi finally got her Visa after months of waiting and flew to Sao Paulo, Brazil this past Monday from San Antonio, Texas! Her flight landed safely as my dad stalked her flight status on some airplane app for the iPhone.  She is now serving in the Sao Paulo South mission! 
Her & her new companion in Sao Paulo! (Just got emailed from her mission president!)
If you would like to write her, her current address is (here will always be current): 
Sister Kelsi Gormley
Brazil S
ão Paulo South Mission
R. Dr. Luiz da Rocha Miranda, 159 8°Andar
Parque Jabaquara
04311-990 São Paulo, SP Brazil
I am going to include some funny quotes from her weekly P-day emails, just for fun! So take a look.
"so we had a layover in dallas.  we got off the plane and a family walked up to us and was like want ice cream? and so they bought us ice cream. they were converts and stereoytypical texans. their son plays football and the dad was a politician. and they were super nice. they confirmed my stereotypes of texas."
"i have met so many chihuahuas here. all texans have dogs!!" Maybe Kevin and I should have moved to Texas, sounds like our kind of people!
"this week has been clearly a wonderful blessed exciting week full of surprises! to top it off, we got 19 referrals and a bird pooped on my head during exchanges!" This cracks me up so much.  She acts like it is a good thing the bird pooped on her head...just picture it haha!!!
"so everyone in Texas has 3 things.
1. a dog
2. some type of Texas trinket in their lawn
3. a church"
Anyways, that is it for now! I just love this statue, it looks so neat! It is the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro (southeast Brazil)...not exactly where Kelsi is at I thought I might as well throw another picture in this post! Have a great day!

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