{Favorite} TV Shows

I don't know how many of you are obsessed with certain TV shows but I feel like I'm obsessed with A LOT of TV shows! I always looked forward to coming home from a long day at school and after hitting the gym to sit down and watch The Bachelorette or whatever show I DVR'ed! Pretty much all of these TV shows are amazing and you should watch them (just one or a few).

Here are my {Favorite} TV Shows!
The Office
In case you are not following The Office,  Michael Scott is the main character.  Steve Carell was Michael Scott for the past seasons but now he is being replaced with Will Ferrell. Although I love Will Ferrell, I wish he wasn't replacing Steve Carell! It is just NOT the same! We'll see how it goes from here... but man, this show is hilarious, so if you want a good laugh and a show that you can quote any line from, The Office is for you!  Kevin can quote pretty much every episode...it's ridiculous.  More on this inspiration to the work setting here
"Bears, beats, battle star galactica!"- Dwight Schrute

Modern Family
Now this is a newer show Kevin and I have started watching.  This show is hilarious! Gloria is a classy Columbian who is hard to understand ("Don't you give me an old tomato (ultimatum)!" Phil is Kevin's favorite character. I personally think the gay guys are the funniest.  Just give this show a shot! It will not disappoint. 
Now this show has ended but it was one of my favorites! There are many seasons and they get out of control as the seasons go on! If you are smart enough to follow along I'm very impressed.  This show was insane and bittersweet when it ended. Lost was filmed in Hawaii and my grandpa, Opi, was able to go on the set because his brother is a film producer and got access to the set. My grandpa also has met the cast members several times at a big Halloween party that his brother throws each year! Of course, I am super jealous. Oh, and Kelsi got me a LOST t-shirt and I wear it to bed sometimes!  See more thoughts on this here.  By the way, how did you like the season finale a year ago?
Gossip Girl
This show is based out of NYC and of course they all have the best designer clothes.  I love watching what they wear in each episode! See some of Blair's headbands here.  I still need to watch this Monday's episode!  This kind of reminds me of The OC I would watch when I was in high school but it is still good!
The Bachelor & The Bachelorette
Two very classes shows...ha! These are so addicting and each season I keep coming back to watch them! I thought Ali was SO annoying on the Bachelor with Jake however I did watch most of her Bachelorette season. Kevin actually got really into these and would talk about them more than I would with my girls. We ended up having Bachelor parties this past season when Brad was on it. Each Monday we would have couples over and it was pretty fun! If you would like to join us in the next Bachelor/Bachelorette parties let me know because we sure do have a good time! And Kevin makes some interesting comments...
Here are thoughts from the last season of The Bachelor featuring Brad. 
And here are thoughts from The Bachelor featuring Jake. 
Ashley is the newest Bachelorette...I thought she was pretty annoying on the season with Brad but of course I am planning on watching it! 
So You Think You Can Dance
This shows is SO inspirational! It ALWAYS makes me want to get out there and dance! I am obsessed with their modern/contemporary pieces. I LOVE dance...and minored in it at BYU.
Watch 2 of my {Favorite} Dances from the show here. See more on SYTYCD here.  If you want to watch SYTYCD Season 8 it starts May 26, 2011! I'm so excited!

Flash Forward
This is the show that Kevin and I got REALLY into...so into that I even cried when one of the characters committed suicide to save someone's life (maybe watch the show...so that will make sense)!? Ha. But it was a INTENSE, freaky, action packed, mind-boggling show! Unfortunately after the first season they canceled the show because they didn't have enough viewers...Kevin and I were SO bummed... And they seriously kept the show V instead of this one...are you freaking kidding me? My dad also got into this show (he has good taste). Please tell me someone else watched this show! IT WAS AMAZING!

Shark Tank
Now this is a show for the entrepreneur at heart. Kevin and I just found out about Shark Tank and started watching it.  The show is on Fridays.  These 5 investors are "sharks" thus the name, Shark Tank.  They attack the entrepreneurs who pitch their idea and ask them hard questions about their business.  Then they can choose to invest in the company or back out. If you like business start-ups and watching speed pitches, this show is for you. Who doesn't love new ventures?
Secret Millionaire
Here is the last of my {Favorite} shows! Secret Millionaire is a new show and I wouldn't have just started watching it if it were not for Kevin.  During The Bachelor (with Brad) he saw the commercials and kept saying he wanted to watch it! This show is about a millionaire who goes into a poverty-stricken area somewhere in the US looking for places to volunteer.  They tell the non profits or organizations they are filming a documentary on volunteerism.  Then after a week of volunteering and looking for worthy organizations to donate, the millionaire divvies up a portion of their wealth and presents the causes with a big check.  Usually they give out $100,000 (or more) to around 3 organizations.  Kevin may or may not have cried...a lot. Okay, who doesn't?! I said, "Doesn't this make you want to go volunteer?" and Kevin said "No, it makes me want to make tons of money so I can give it to them!" The season was short but take a look on hulu or wherever you watch your shows.
What are your favorite shows? Kevin and I want to start an action show sometime to make up for Flash Forward getting canceled but not sure where to start! By the way, I don't just sit and watch TV all day in case you were wondering!

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