{Favorite} Dances

I just decided I will post one post per week (maybe more but probably not) of  
my {favorite} things!
Join me if you'd like!

So Kevin was listening to some Pandora music (just now in a study room on campus in the Marriott School) and I started dancing and it made me miss SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (SYTYCD)! And...dancing of course! I quickly YouTube(d) some of my favorite dances from SYTYCD Season 5 for your viewing pleasure!  You may or may not recognize the songs from songs on my playlist :) Great songs and great dancing!
Kayla & Kupono "Eyes on Fire" by the Blue Foundation

Gotta love Kayla, she is from Denver! A girl who I played tennis with in high school did dance competitions with her so that is kind of a crazy connection. She is so flexible and always has great lines! Oh, and  you probably recognize this song from Twilight, the movie as well.

Karla & Jonathan "Falling Slowly" by The Frames

I love contemporary/modern!  I wish I was more talented at it! It is seriously my favorite style when watching SYTYCD! Love it.
One of my lifelong dreams (just decided) and Bucket List item is to go to a SYTYCD live performance!!! This next season of SYTYCD is Season 8 and it premieres May 26, 2011! Can't wait!


  1. Ah I LOVE sytycd!! Can't wait to watch this season! That would be SO fun to go to a live performance!

  2. also can not wait for sytycd. too bad you'll be in colorado and we'll be in oregon or we could have had sytycd parties, just like the bachelor!