Cut my finger open & dance (random much?)

So I am packing...my whole house up today and tomorrow. FUN Stuff :)
I just cut my finger open. It is my pinky named Bobert. This calls for a short break from packing although typing is a little harder haha.
Meet Bobert.
He/she? is the left side of my face...the only one crooked! Okay I had a better picture but I couldn't find it!
Bobert was named Bobert by a girl at girls camp back in Colorado.  Bobert doesn't straighten. Bobert is a trigger finger. Don't look at videos online...some are really freaky and Bobert is not.  Bobert attempted to straighten by a brace thing in elementary school which of course did not work! What was my doctor thinking? It is perma bent and stayed perma bent in the brace which just hurt my knuckle. Bobert also made it hard to play the clarinet and tenor saxophone in junior high.

Not a big deal just bleeding right now. I was opening up a can of soup and that cut it.
Okay before this happened I decided that today I would share a video of Kaycie & I clogging in our Advanced Clogging final at BYU :)
Why? I just started clogging last night in the kitchen. And also, I don't have time to make a legit post although this is turning into one? Ha.
Cute Kaycie & I ready to get adn A+ (She is totally engageddd)
We <3 MJ!
Okay here it is...and if you don't know what clogging is...now you will know! Oh and we choreographed it ourselves! Legit.

Don't judge the arm movement thing. It cracks me up. Also, don't judge I forgot to get my hat again!

Time to pack.
Does anyone know how to download a video you uploaded to Facebook? I totally don't have this video on my computer but did at one point...suggestions?

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