Brutal Stairs

So we haven't lived where we currently are for very long, maybe 7-8 months.  I always just take Katinka out in the backyard to go to the bathroom and the stairs leading from inside to the backyard are concrete.

TWO times here Katinka has run FACE first into the stairs!
One, when Kevin was taking her out. I heard a loud scream and ran outside.  Kevin had Katinka in his arms and she was licking blood coming from her mouth. I was freaked out because I couldn't tell if she knocked out teeth...or cut her lip open or whatever. We figured out she cut her chin open.  It eventually stopped bleeding and I called the vet the next to set up an appointment.  She had to go in to get shots so I thought I may  as well just go in and ask about this as well. She healed fine.
Last week, I was taking her out and I said, "Let's go inside!" and she ran as fast as she could and ran straight into the stairs with her face.  She screamed and ran with her tail between her legs, back in the backyard.  I tried to get her to come to me but she was freaking out.  Turns out she cut her chin open again but she is fine!
I guess dogs don't really learn sometimes...but we just pet her (to slow her down) before she goes inside because if we don't she runs way too fast and out of control up the stairs. Less than a month living here so I hope next place we live she doesn't have this problem!

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