{Favorite} TV Shows

I don't know how many of you are obsessed with certain TV shows but I feel like I'm obsessed with A LOT of TV shows! I always looked forward to coming home from a long day at school and after hitting the gym to sit down and watch The Bachelorette or whatever show I DVR'ed! Pretty much all of these TV shows are amazing and you should watch them (just one or a few).

Here are my {Favorite} TV Shows!
The Office
In case you are not following The Office,  Michael Scott is the main character.  Steve Carell was Michael Scott for the past seasons but now he is being replaced with Will Ferrell. Although I love Will Ferrell, I wish he wasn't replacing Steve Carell! It is just NOT the same! We'll see how it goes from here... but man, this show is hilarious, so if you want a good laugh and a show that you can quote any line from, The Office is for you!  Kevin can quote pretty much every episode...it's ridiculous.  More on this inspiration to the work setting here
"Bears, beats, battle star galactica!"- Dwight Schrute

Modern Family
Now this is a newer show Kevin and I have started watching.  This show is hilarious! Gloria is a classy Columbian who is hard to understand ("Don't you give me an old tomato (ultimatum)!" Phil is Kevin's favorite character. I personally think the gay guys are the funniest.  Just give this show a shot! It will not disappoint. 
Now this show has ended but it was one of my favorites! There are many seasons and they get out of control as the seasons go on! If you are smart enough to follow along I'm very impressed.  This show was insane and bittersweet when it ended. Lost was filmed in Hawaii and my grandpa, Opi, was able to go on the set because his brother is a film producer and got access to the set. My grandpa also has met the cast members several times at a big Halloween party that his brother throws each year! Of course, I am super jealous. Oh, and Kelsi got me a LOST t-shirt and I wear it to bed sometimes!  See more thoughts on this here.  By the way, how did you like the season finale a year ago?
Gossip Girl
This show is based out of NYC and of course they all have the best designer clothes.  I love watching what they wear in each episode! See some of Blair's headbands here.  I still need to watch this Monday's episode!  This kind of reminds me of The OC I would watch when I was in high school but it is still good!
The Bachelor & The Bachelorette
Two very classes shows...ha! These are so addicting and each season I keep coming back to watch them! I thought Ali was SO annoying on the Bachelor with Jake however I did watch most of her Bachelorette season. Kevin actually got really into these and would talk about them more than I would with my girls. We ended up having Bachelor parties this past season when Brad was on it. Each Monday we would have couples over and it was pretty fun! If you would like to join us in the next Bachelor/Bachelorette parties let me know because we sure do have a good time! And Kevin makes some interesting comments...
Here are thoughts from the last season of The Bachelor featuring Brad. 
And here are thoughts from The Bachelor featuring Jake. 
Ashley is the newest Bachelorette...I thought she was pretty annoying on the season with Brad but of course I am planning on watching it! 
So You Think You Can Dance
This shows is SO inspirational! It ALWAYS makes me want to get out there and dance! I am obsessed with their modern/contemporary pieces. I LOVE dance...and minored in it at BYU.
Watch 2 of my {Favorite} Dances from the show here. See more on SYTYCD here.  If you want to watch SYTYCD Season 8 it starts May 26, 2011! I'm so excited!

Flash Forward
This is the show that Kevin and I got REALLY into...so into that I even cried when one of the characters committed suicide to save someone's life (maybe watch the show...so that will make sense)!? Ha. But it was a INTENSE, freaky, action packed, mind-boggling show! Unfortunately after the first season they canceled the show because they didn't have enough viewers...Kevin and I were SO bummed... And they seriously kept the show V instead of this one...are you freaking kidding me? My dad also got into this show (he has good taste). Please tell me someone else watched this show! IT WAS AMAZING!

Shark Tank
Now this is a show for the entrepreneur at heart. Kevin and I just found out about Shark Tank and started watching it.  The show is on Fridays.  These 5 investors are "sharks" thus the name, Shark Tank.  They attack the entrepreneurs who pitch their idea and ask them hard questions about their business.  Then they can choose to invest in the company or back out. If you like business start-ups and watching speed pitches, this show is for you. Who doesn't love new ventures?
Secret Millionaire
Here is the last of my {Favorite} shows! Secret Millionaire is a new show and I wouldn't have just started watching it if it were not for Kevin.  During The Bachelor (with Brad) he saw the commercials and kept saying he wanted to watch it! This show is about a millionaire who goes into a poverty-stricken area somewhere in the US looking for places to volunteer.  They tell the non profits or organizations they are filming a documentary on volunteerism.  Then after a week of volunteering and looking for worthy organizations to donate, the millionaire divvies up a portion of their wealth and presents the causes with a big check.  Usually they give out $100,000 (or more) to around 3 organizations.  Kevin may or may not have cried...a lot. Okay, who doesn't?! I said, "Doesn't this make you want to go volunteer?" and Kevin said "No, it makes me want to make tons of money so I can give it to them!" The season was short but take a look on hulu or wherever you watch your shows.
What are your favorite shows? Kevin and I want to start an action show sometime to make up for Flash Forward getting canceled but not sure where to start! By the way, I don't just sit and watch TV all day in case you were wondering!


{Learn Something} 7

Sorry this {Learn Something} post will encompass many lessons I learned during the past two weeks! Last Friday was graduation from BYU and I definitely did not have enough time to compose a post! :) Take it or leave it.

+ Graduation is super fun. Totally worth it. [Side note: Totally graduate, don't drop out.] Go to Commencement and Convocations. I'm so glad I did! It was a fun last get together with my girls in the Marriott School of Management!
Ani, Brooke, me, & Cel right before BYU Commencement
[Minus Cel- she did a genius (science) program and got honors...legit.
Proud of her for reinforcing the Asian= smartness stereotype.]
+ When wanting to take graduation pictures...wait...and do it days before or days after...we did some a few days after and it was obviously not crowded. There will not be a line of 10 people who want to ride the Cougar statue in front of the football stadium.
+ Surprisingly, dogs may like wearing things on their heads... Katinka didn't mind her grad cap. Gotta love that pooch.
+ Global warming is a joke. We definitely drove through a snow storm in Wyoming in APRIL on our way to Fort Collins! Give me a break.

+ If you are looking to buy a house and don't mind living in the boonies you can get one dang nice house! But then you will be driving everywhere...to the grocery store...to the gym...to the mall...I dislike driving far to get to one place.  It should all just be around.
+ Fort Collins, Colorado is one happening place...the place to be! It is getting kind of expensive (rent and housing)! Annoying for rent but good for housing resell if you can even afford one in the city.  It is one of the top rated places to live in the US! Every year according to CNN, and a list of other publications, Fort Collins is rated as one of the top 10 cities to live in for the past decade (give or take)... it is rated #1, 2, 4, 6...etc.  And actually my elementary school is one of the top rated in the US with blue ribbons and whatnot. I didn't realize it was that legit. Good ol' Werner Elementary :) Consider Fort Collins when deciding where to live! :)
+ Gold's Gym will eventually screw you over unless you just go to their gym for the entire term of the contract and have no unforeseen circumstances come up. I've heard horror stories but I still got a membership because it was bigger, had more locations, had more frequent and better group workout classes, and I liked it more than other facilities.  Also, I had a ton of friends who worked out there! I have such good memories of going to the gym with my friends and I loved it! However, I wanted to transfer my gym membership to the closest Gold's Gym here in Colorado which is Loveland.  Apparently they have different ownership and they won't let me go there! I already prepaid until my gym membership ends, which is Dec. 10, 2011.  So I have about 8 months of working out I was going to do... And it would cost $100 to transfer it...if they would let me. I could sell my contract to someone in Utah but it may actually be cheaper to just leave it be. I'm thinking about this one.

But enough about housing, that is all I think about right now! It is driving me crazy.  And yes, I still have to catch up on graduation weekend. It will happen.

Hope you're all doing well!
PS. I totally am going to try and get a job on Monday. Wish me luck.


Rent or Buy

To rent or buy?! This is all that I'm thinking about right now! Okay, so if you have any experience or thoughts regarding this issue, let me know :)
+ Renting... the housing market is a little more expensive than Provo (I guess that is relative since Provo is so dang cheap) and I keep finding sweet places to live and then find out they have income restrictions! So annoying.  Yes, and you may be thinking how is an income restricted place nice? Well, there are some brand new ones here and they look pretty good haha. Don't ask why? I don't know. Maybe they're trashed in reality, who knows.  I guess we are super cheap and feel like we can find housing less than a $1000/month but who knows. So we could just rent a place until we feel that we should buy and save up more... Downside...moving furniture is such a pain! And we get so many dings on our furniture :( But renting could be a smart option so we could find out exactly where we want to buy a house by living in the area (although I know the area pretty well).
+ Buying... now this is the hard part. We can totally afford a house and get a loan however, do I want to live in the one we can afford comfortably for 5-8 years? I don't want to get into a house for the sake of getting into one to *save* money by investing instead of just throwing it out at the renters. Also, the housing market fluctuates so what if we got into something and it went downhill...or uphill?! Also, it would be SO nice to know where the Fort Collins temple is going to be built...so we could maybe buy a house and have the property value skyrocket haha! Plus who wouldn't want a temple in their backyard? Okay the haters who write mean comments on the temple article in the Coloradoan newspaper don't ... So far we haven't gotten a hold of any insider information and the bishops here have even had to tell the wards to stop speculating because they have no clue where it is. Also, how many kids will we have and how long will we live there? Who knows?! Then we have to keep in mind the whole school district thing. Today we are meeting with a real estate agent (one of my friends who I grew up with) so we will get more info there.

Now...house...or...town-home...? I thought Kevin didn't want to live in a town-home but now we are maybe considering getting a nice town-home. Who knows? Ha. We are so confused!

Okay thoughts?! Pros/cons? Good loan tips? Insider information on the FoCo (that's what we call Fort Collins here :) ) temple?!

[Oh, and I definitely need to update the blog regarding the graduation festivities so stay tuned!]


Weekend Hiatus

You may or may not know that Kevin and I have officially graduated from BYU as of yesterday.  The husband graduated right after me as we both graduated from the BYU Marriott School of Management (and my name was before his...hehe).  I have been ridiculously busy with family in town and packing up our place so I am taking a little break until I move on Monday. So look forward to next week when I get a chance to catch up! Have a good weekend!
Yes. Katinka has a graduation cap compliments of my mother-in-law Kathy. LOVE IT!!!


New Page

Hi friends,
Take a look at the new page I added... titled "Our Story" !
Have a great day!


Cut my finger open & dance (random much?)

So I am packing...my whole house up today and tomorrow. FUN Stuff :)
I just cut my finger open. It is my pinky named Bobert. This calls for a short break from packing although typing is a little harder haha.
Meet Bobert.
He/she? is the left side of my face...the only one crooked! Okay I had a better picture but I couldn't find it!
Bobert was named Bobert by a girl at girls camp back in Colorado.  Bobert doesn't straighten. Bobert is a trigger finger. Don't look at videos online...some are really freaky and Bobert is not.  Bobert attempted to straighten by a brace thing in elementary school which of course did not work! What was my doctor thinking? It is perma bent and stayed perma bent in the brace which just hurt my knuckle. Bobert also made it hard to play the clarinet and tenor saxophone in junior high.

Not a big deal just bleeding right now. I was opening up a can of soup and that cut it.
Okay before this happened I decided that today I would share a video of Kaycie & I clogging in our Advanced Clogging final at BYU :)
Why? I just started clogging last night in the kitchen. And also, I don't have time to make a legit post although this is turning into one? Ha.
Cute Kaycie & I ready to get adn A+ (She is totally engageddd)
We <3 MJ!
Okay here it is...and if you don't know what clogging is...now you will know! Oh and we choreographed it ourselves! Legit.

Don't judge the arm movement thing. It cracks me up. Also, don't judge I forgot to get my hat again!

Time to pack.
Does anyone know how to download a video you uploaded to Facebook? I totally don't have this video on my computer but did at one point...suggestions?


{Favorite} Hats (& Jimmer)

My {Favorite} post for this week will be on hats specifically the brand... Zephyr
(www.zhats.com) !
You may or may not know this, but I am kind of related to the owner...as in...he is my dad.
I decided to make this my {Favorite} post for the week because
1. I got this picture on my phone today and...
2. This picture rocks.
Look familiar?
Yes, that is JIMMER FREDETTE. He is wearing a Zephyr branded SnapBack and Snapback shirt.
Get his look: Snapback shirt here.  Zephyr branded Snapback hat here.
Snapbacks are ALL THE RAGE right now. Very popular in the urban areas of NYC and just hitting the nation like crazy. A lot of the rappers are getting into them right now.
Here is the Jimmer in case you couldn't quite figure out how you recognized him...yes BYU Basketball. The man himself.
BYU San Diego St Basketball

[Side note: I got spotlighted in Relief Society (church meeting) and the girl who read a little about me so the rest of the girls could guess who it was...read out loud "She looves Jimmer"... whaat?!? Okay, Kevin filled out the paperwork that the girl read off...let's be real, he is the bomb and I did get very into the BYU Basketball season this year. Okay back to the hats.]

How did this happen? Well, Jimmer's girlfriend's dad is a Sales Rep for Zephyr. I knew before the newspapers did about Jimmer being asked to not attend his classes at BYU. Basically, my dad is tight (if you can say that) with the Sales Rep whos daughter is dating Jimmer. Hopefully we can get him to sign some sort of contract if he is not already getting swamped with offers...I'm not entirely sure.  Anyways, if Jimmer is wearing one, you should too, very legit.

Okay here are some of my favorite hats (if I can even say I have favorites):
NHL Colorado Avalanche Snapback (I love me some Aves! I'm a total Colorado girl)
Zephyr branded Snapback (Jimmer had a variation of this one)

Okay, I'll stop with the pictures, for now. I need to explain a little more.

Zephyr doesn't just make flat bill hats or Snapbacks.  They make curved bill as well. They make relaxed fit, adjustable (snap or velcro), fitted (i.e. 7, 7 1/2, 8), stretch fit (i.e. S/M, XL), knits/beanies, and t-shirts. They make NHL (National Hockey League), college hats, NBA arena collections (see Denver Nuggets picture), customs/collaborations (i.e. Champion, Neff), etc.  They are an international company all over the world. They are sold in college bookstores (i.e. BYU, CSU), Lids, Fanzz, Sports Authority, Dicks, NHL/NBA arenas, etc.
Powwow Brand (my brother started this ski/lifestyle company)

They believe in:
creativity, quality, excellent customer service, and being ahead on the fashion.

If Jimmer wasn't enough of a reason to take a look at the hats...see who's wearing them...all the time.
Leonardo di Caprio - He ALWAYS wears Zephyr hats. Very bomb. There's 2 albums dedicated on the Facebook fan page to it.
K check out the Zephyr site.
Also sold via Hatmonster. (And many more sites)
Become a fan on Facebook here.

Anyone want one? Maybe for your husband/boyfriend? Yourself? Potential giveaway?! Thoughts?
If you're thinking you can't wear a hat...you totally can pull it off...
Shayla, Brady, & I at a BYU vs. UVU Baseball game last year (Kev totally got a WIN here) 


Retreat in Manti


Flock of sheep crossing the road on our way to Manti! They were just sheared so they look naked.

Kevin is currently in the bishopric in the BYU 175th Married Student Ward.  His calling is the Ward Executive Secretary...until we move in a week and a couple of days!  Our Bishop has multiple cabins in Utah so last weekend he invited the bishopric and their wives and kids to come to his cabin in Manti.  So last weekend, April 8-9, we did just that! It was a little overnighter that was relaxing and very much needed!
Here are some pictures I took to show some of his cabin decor...
Bear stuffed animal. Very cute.
Deer #1. As you can see here he is a BIG hunter! He has his own taxidermist and has mounted animal heads (is that how you talk about this stuff? Ha) all in one big room in his house in Provo. Like stuffed animals and heads like crazy...like that is all you see.  His wife only lets him put his animals in one room in his normal house. There were a few more animals and birds mounted in this cabin but I just got pictures of these! Pretty much when we saw Bishop's room in his house Kevin fell in love haha. Kevin loves hunting.
Deer #2.
And last week, in April, it did snow a lot!
Kevin and some of the husbands hit golf balls into the lake behind the cabin...they had to clear off a little patch of snow to get to the grass. Dedication right there!

When we got there we played card games and had pizza. We stayed up real late talking and playing a random game on Kinnect where you are riding a raft down a river, jumping and ducking around obstacles on an obstacle course, playing a dodge-ball game, etc. Those Kinnect games are really fun and it's very fun to watch others play! I did the obstacle one and it seriously felt like it was a workout haha. I was sore from working out during that week and that obstacle game was all ducking (squats) and jumping...
We will miss our ward here in Provo! I love the married student wards so much! I guess we can't avoid family wards much longer.. :)


Shoes, Asians, & GG

So I'm bummed. I just got back from shopping at good ol' University Mall with my friend Jaewon and did not fine ONE single dress that was long enough, cute, and affordable (or even a little more expensive)! Pretty much this means I will be buying a pair of shoes for graduation...sometime next week. We'll see. Unless I feel like going to Park City and the outlets Monday or Tuesday...
Anyways, anyone have Toms? I talked about these cute Elephant Toms here because elephants are my favorite animal!
I tried on a few sizes of these babies at Nordstrom and don't think I can even buy any. 7 1/2 are a little too big and 7 seems a little small and the part that goes over the top of your foot is scratchy! Like badly made! Thoughts? Do you have any and do they really stretch out? Apparently they do...but I don't want to buy them and that not happen!
Also, opinion on these Sperrys? I'm trying to decide which color to purchase (since I am not probably not getting Toms...)
Gold ones?
Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original Metallic Boat Shoe.preview
Or something more versatile...? The more classic original brown Sperry...
Oh, and this is for you Jaewon! Freaking cute huh!? I will have to dress my kids like this :)
Since I'm talking about shoes...and fashion...who's excited for Gossip Girl to start back up? It starts back up April 18, 2011 so this Monday! I'm definitely excited to watch it and look at all of their clothes...!
Okay that is all for this random post!

{Learn Something} 6

Here is what I learned this week!

+ I have no motivation to study so I am on Blogger. It is a good distraction. I am going to take one of my finals today...after I get off and study :)
+ I can't find any cute dresses that are long enough and/or affordable. My mom and I went to Nordstroms and they were all too short! It sucks for us tall people! And why do they have a petite section in the Banana Republic here in Provo? I'd say there are more tall people than short and small!  Any suggestions? I need one by this Friday (graduation) :) So kind of an emergency! Anyone wanna go shopping?
+ I am so worried about Katinka. Enough said.
+ Graduation is coming way fast and I'm okay with it! Anyone want to make me these :)
+ U-Hauls definitely know how to take advantage of supply and demand here in Provo. A year and a half ago we drove a U-Haul from Fort Collins to Provo with my parents' hand me down furniture and now we are renting one from Provo to Fort Collins and it has more than doubled in price...doubled in hundreds... really? So ridiculous! I was about to make a "dumb" comment about taking advantage of our willingness to pay and consumer and producer surplus but then I decided I wouldn't...I will refrain from economics.
+ The Sales Rep who we bought our graduation announcements and cap and gown is really bad at his job. I called him twice and left voicemails regarding late announcements and when to pick up our stole and he did not call me back! Really? It's not that hard. I could honestly do as good as him or better...I took a Sales class and he sucks.
+ You can do 'multiple guess' on part of your Strategy final...and still do decently well! To graduate from the Marriott School of Management you have to take the capstone class, Strategic Management 498 and in it the final is an online simulation where you are the CEO and you have to make decisions for a big company.  You are in charge of Finance, Marketing, R&D, Production, HR, Total Quality Management, and you are competing against computers and your scores will be compared accross business schools accross the nation. You  make these decisions and then answers questions to the "Board of Directors"...I guessed on 75% of them because they were dang hard and I didn't want to try...and I did surprisingly well!

Welp, this wasn't a very interesting post so I apologize...just been finals week, packing, and getting ready to head out of Provo... hope you all have a great day! And I'm off to finish finals soon hopefully :)

Oh, and PLEASE let me know if you have seen any cute dresses around Provo/Park City/Salt Lake region! :)


Wanted: Puppy Advice Please...!

So I'm worried.
Katinka is a little emo. Like emotional. As in avoidance and Isolation. Hiding in her room, under our bed, and behind the couch.  This is not the Katinka I know.  :(
Katinka ran into the concrete stairs once here and two times here.
She also is afraid of cooking as seen here as one of her insecurities (a pretty recent insecurity actually).  Whenever we are cooking she avoids the kitchen and hides.

Two nights ago, she got attacked by a dog. A mean dog. A dog I now hate.
Here's the story:
I was with Kevin at Cafe Rio and I asked him to go on a walk with me and Katinka when we got home and he said yes.  We got home and I trimmed her nails. Then I kind of felt like I should bring her halter just incase.  She has a collar that we hook her leash to and usually we just do that but I just felt like I should put her in her halter. Why? I just felt like I should.
On a side note... with small dogs they recommend you use a halter because the collars sometimes can hurt their necks if you pull to hard and what not so it is always safer to use a halter instead.  She is definately good on a leash so it's never a problem to just have a collar.  Anyways, its better for their necks.
So we were walking when all of a sudden a dog darts and runs right towards her, running SO fast.  The dog was black and around 15 lbs. so just a little bigger than Katinka who is 5 lbs. We thought the dog was excited to see another dog but that was not the case.  The dog ran SO fast that it skidded past Katinka and fell over.  Then it just started biting Katinka. Katinka of course was not okay with that so she was growling.  We realized that this was not playful at all and I started trying to pick Katinka up by the leash (in the halter).  I kept yelling at Kevin "Get her! Pick her up!" It wasn't really working because the other dog was just going after her.  Then Kevin kicked the dog and it came back and then he threw it a few feet in the air. So proud of Kevin.  Then I grabbed Katinka.
Oh, and I totally had an adrenaline rush the whole time.  I was SO shocked and pissed at the dog...why wasn't this dog on a leash? The owner was there (I don't know how he got there) and was like "Oh, sorry! He doesn't like dogs!" YEAH! Obviously we realized that...why isn't he on a leash is the qusetion... I look at her and I see she is not bleeding but there is a ton of saliva from the other dog all over Katinka's back and in her fur... I think she's okay so we leave.
Kevin and I then start walking again on the walk and are talking about it.  He then told me he had kicked the dog kind of hard and threw it far. I didn't even realize that.  He then told me I shouldn't have tried to put my hands down to get Katinka where the other dog was biting as it could have bit my hand. I didn't care though because that stupid dog was attacking Katinka.  Kevin said he would have kicked the dog a lot harder and whatnot if the owner wasn't there. I'm just glad Kevin was there to get the dog away.
Anyways, I get home and give her a bath and am combing her fur and I see a red bruise.  The bruise is where the dog tried to bite her but didn't break her skin, thankfully. But still very painful.

The next morning (April 13, 2011) I go into her room and pick her up and she screams...as she is sore.  On my way to school (my last day of school ever!) I call the vet and explain the situation that pretty sure her skin is not broken but she is sore and wondering if there is anything I should be concerned about... they say to just bring her in.

Today (April 14, 2011), I took Katinka to the vet and explain the two run ins with the stairs, the dog attack, and her isolation. All of her vitals are fine however the bruise from the dog fight they say is pretty painful.  They found out her 4 front bottom teeth are loose...which usually happens with older dogs.  She has a little bit of an under-bite (or over-bite?) so her lower teeth stick out a little further so it makes perfect sense that when she ran face first into the stairs her bottom teeth hit first. They said they could do an X-ray to see if her teeth were still connected as it may have broken the connectors (I am no dentist but you know what I mean).  This may explain why she is isolating herself and not wanting to play and ignoring us, because she is in pain.  They said they could do a cleaning and check them out then too but it is hard to know if she is in pain for that without paying for all the exams.  They said they could just extract them as well.  I guess when she hit her face she messed up her teeth and didn't cut open her chin.  It makes sense though because there was a lot of blood.

Another reason of her behavior could merely be that she is stressed.  Apparently dogs can sense their owners stress and feed off of that.  I don't feel like I am TOO stressed but we did get a job offer in the past few months and are graduating next Friday from BYU.  We started packing up our apartment last Saturday and there are boxes EVERYWHERE. The vet actually asked me if we are moving and said he can guarantee that she is freaking out because her surroundings have completely changed. That is stressful.

Or she has dog PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)... I only know what that means because I worked at a psychiatric treatment center.  A lot of semi-traumatic experiences has happened to her recently and she is probably freaked out! Also, I was there for a few of them so she may associate me with the bad experiences...and may think I caused them?

So I just got some pain meds and we will see if she returns to her usual self (pre isolation or I guess depression) meaning she is in pain and we need to look into it further or if she stays the same then who knows what.  And it will take at least 2 months for her to get settled after we moved as it is very stressful on pets as well.

I guess I am just wondering how I can get Katinka to hang out with more like she used to.  When I call her to the living room she just wants to stay in her room.  When we move the barrier from the living room to the hallway she just runs to her room or under our bed.  She will play sometimes when we go into her room but when we try to bring the game somewhere else she doesn't want to come.  I even tried to give her a treat the other day and she didn't really want it (she used to be OBSESSED).  And she is only 2 years old so she should still be very playful.

I guess I'll just her more attention and hope when we move she goes back to her old self otherwise I have got to figure this out.  The vet couldn't pinpoint it down other than it may be pain from her teeth but they aren't really sure.

Any words of advice?!?! I would love it.
Look at this cute lil' sunbathin' beauty! Love her!

General Conference Week

I love to do really late blog posts and this one is no different.  My mom visited Provo a couple of weeks ago (March 30-April 3) and here's what happened!

March 30, 3011 - Wednesday
My mom came in Wednesday evening.  Her flight was a little delayed coming in as we were going to go to dinner together before we went to a BYU Folk Dance performance. The dance performance was Spring Festival of Nations. Since she was late Kevin, my brother Patrick, and me ate at Rubios. We love that place! Kevin had never eaten there until a few months ago when I took him with a coupon and now he is obsessed!  Anyways, my cousin, Kirra, auditioned for the Folk dance team last fall term and made it so she was on a team and performed that night.  She did great in the performance! Oh, and before the performance I received my certificate of completion for the World Dance minor on stage so I can officially teach World Dance now! I will post on that later when my grandpa, Opi, hooks me up with pictures :)  My grandparents were there as well as Kirra's family and boyfriend.  Then we all ate at Coldstone! Oh and that night was the night I was sick with a sinus infection which succkkked... anyways I got prescription that night thankfully!
The last time I performed in Spring Festival of Nations- team 1 RB! We danced Israeli. I'm in the front middle. I think this was Winter of 2009.
And here is Kevin, so supportive of me, I looove him :)

March 31, 2011 - Thursday
I went to my cooking lab where I actually sat down because I didn't feel well and watched the girls in my cooking kitchen make candy. This is what we made!
Homemade marshmallows (different varieties: some where dipped in pecans, powdered sugar, & coconut)
Pretzal Rolo Turtles (these are amazinggg and so easy!)
We then ate at Kneaders for lunch, I went back to class, hung out, then we ate at a Thai restaurant called Thai Mango.  It was surprisingly good!  After that we headed back to the Marriott School of Management because Kevin and I had to conduct a focus group for Zhats (Zephyr Graf-x).  Zephyr Graf-x is a hat company my dad founded...pretty much the bomb. I think after this we had dessert at Cocoa Bean...and I had the 'Better than whatever' cupcake! SO GOOD!

April 1, 2011 - Friday
We slept in and then headed over to campus to watch the Business Plan Competition in the BYU Marriott School of Management.  The companies were all interesting and the black hilarious standup comedy guy from BYU (who's in the Old Spice commercials) was conducting (is that the right word?) the competition.  I had to attend the competition for one of my lecture series classes.  Then mom, Kevin, Patrick, & his 2 friends Dallin & John went bowling on BYU campus.  We then ate at Zupas and my mom and me went shopping at Banana Republic and Gap.
OH, and earlier in the day my dad got a call from Kelsi's mission president (President Jones- Nancy's dad) in San Antonio, Texas saying Kelsi got her Visa and would leave for Brazil that Monday!

April 2, 2011 - Saturday
General Conference started and we found out about the temple in Fort Collins :) We ate brunch at Magleby's Fresh (french toast of course) and went shopping at Nordstroms for like 5 hours (no joke and don't judge).  When the cute girl who helped us in Point of View (department) rung us up she realized we were Gormleys and said "Kelsi Gormley?!?!" Turns out she danced with Kelsi at BYU-Idaho! So that is crazy! Then we picked up Patrick and Kevin and went bowling again (Patrick loves bowling) and then ate at Goodwood Barbeque.
Bowling pictures:
Mom & Patrick
Mom & me
Kev & I at Goodwood!

April 3, 2011 - Sunday
We watched conference in my mom's hotel and then headed up to Aunt JaKie's for a big Mexican dinner in Clearfield, UT.  She made Cafe Rio type pork and it was so delish! We hung out and talked and my little cousin LuKus (who is learning how to go potty in the potty now) played hide and seek with me outside.  I also got my cousin CaLon to believe I played basketball for BYU and everyone called me Jimmerina.  Then we went outside to do a shoot off and I won... and then we took my mom to the airport! It always sucks when company leaves because you have to go back to the real world and then start on homework you had procrastinated all week... may or may not have happened!

That's pretty much it for that week! Sorry it is so long - if you happen to read until here...wow I'm impressed if you have! I love when family is in town!


We're getting a temple!

So incase you missed the news, my hometown,
Fort Collins, Colorado is getting a temple!!! 
Here is the Denver temple where Kevin & I got married :)

This was announced in the 181st annual General Conference a couple of weeks ago on March 26, 2011! My mom was in town and Kevin and I were meeting her for brunch a little after the morning session started so I heard the announcement in the bathroom as I was doing my makeup.  I was like what the heck? Why are they talking about Fort Collins? Then I realized that it meant FORT COLLINS was getting a temple! I was kind of in shock because we have a temple one hour south in Denver.  I had NEVER thought Fort Collins would be getting a temple.  It just didn't make sense.  I was definitely pumped (of course) but mainly surprised! I didn't realize there were so many members in Fort Collins.  There is definately a lot around the Denver region (my family actually almost moved there when deciding where to move in CO) but in Fort Collins? I had a bunch of Mormon kids in high school and seminary but I didn't think it was like a TON. So I guess there are a ton of people in southern Wyoming who drive all the way to Denver and same with people in western Nebraska.  Apparently there are 140,000 members in Colorado! This will the the 2nd temple in Colorado! So very exciting news!  The day before we found out about the Fort Collins temple we found out that Kelsi got her Visa to Brazil! So that was a good weekend!

Now I read the articles in the Coloradoan here and read all the hater comments haha.  Like anywhere that gets a temple (unless its in Utah) there are usually a good amount that do not want the temple! They are complaining that it will increase traffic, the temple should be taxed, the temple may get in the way of the skyline and mountains, it won't blend in with the Fort Collins style (oh please), etc. etc...! Also, they complain they can't get in the temple...well do you ever try to get in mosques or synagogues in Fort Collins? Probably not...well would you really try to go in the temple after you even go in the open house? Gotta make sure I know all of the answers when I get there because where I get a job I'm sure I will meet people who when they find out I'm Mormon will ask me about it! It will definitely bring good missionary opportunities and I'm excited for it to be built!