Sister Gormley in TEXAS (temporarily)!

 Kelsi & her German MTC mission companion
In case you haven't heard but all of the US missionaries called to serve in Brazil are having a hard time getting their Visas.  All of the US missionaries going to Brazil are stuck in the Provo-MTC while the Brazilians are stuck in their Brazilian MTC.  All because of Visa problems... What is happening is that the US missionaries in the Provo-MTC are putting in their time and having to temporarily relocate stateside while they await their Visas.  Kelsi just got reassigned to... 
San Antonio, Texas!
and flew there this past Monday!  Anyone from there?!?!
So if you want to write her, her new address is:
Sister Kelsi Gormley
404 E. Ramsey Rd. Ste 105 
San Antonio, TX 78216-4665 
Oh, and she learned Portuguese in the MTC for Brazil...and she got called to speak SPANISH (yes that is right...!) in Texas?!?! She said she can understand Spanish speakers now but has no clue how to talk to them. Yeah, Portuguese and Spanish are very similar but everything is a variance off each other! Crazy! 
By the way...totally write her!
And I will let you all know when she heads out to Brazil so for now this is her current address!

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  1. Actually! I learned something interesting about portuguese and spanish! One of my clients is from Brazil and has only lived in the states for 7 years. She says she understands spanish. But my husband served in Mexico so is fluent in spanish and can't understand portuguese! It's kinda interesting how languages are similar and so different at the same time!