Kevin and I are in an Entrepreneurial Marketing class this semester! He needs it for his Entrepreneurship major and I chose it as an elective for my Marketing major :) We of course chose to be in the same group... every class pretty much in the Marriott School of Management does tons of group projects/papers/assignments... so we had to find a pain in the market and we thought about how whenever you are trying to get peanut butter out of a jar and it gets all over your hands and also how you can't get ever last bit of peanut butter in the jar...so we made a *very* rough prototype for our focus group, infomercial, and class presentation... here is part of our presentation we have for tomorrows class!

And if you order within the next 15 minutes you will get the Clickstick! (Additional add on product haha)-- Sorry this doesn't have sound, Kevin is going to be the voice of Billy Mays and talk about it during the presentation!

Watch if you want haha.

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