New favorite...Family Search!

n1134021739_456729_1626585So when I was in junior high one of my hobbies was doing genealogy.  I went online and found ancestors and worked on my family tree.  I convinced my dad to purchase some expensive computer program that came with genealogy software and I remember it came with a DVD on Ellis Island...and I got a ton of names for my relatives to take to the temple... then I kind of forgot about it (I know horrible right!)...and now I'm back!

Picture above: My mom, her siblings, and Omi (her mom- my grandma) with a Druid (like a wandering priest) in Isfahan, Iran

I was at church and Kevin always skips Sunday School since he is in the bishopric in our BYU married family ward.  He is usually doing meetings and meeting new members and whatnot so I went with Tyler & Jodi Pitchforth to the Family History lab.  They have a 6 week class there during Sunday School so I'll probably go there until we move... anyways Jodi taught me how to do it again!

I guess I am obsessed.  It is like a to-do list that never ends.  You can just click down so many peoples' names and keep clicking and sometimes you are lucky and you can go to the temple and do work for them.  So now I just have to figure out how to find family members...

So I clicked like for an hour and half on my Grandma's side (dad's mom) and it went forever...like to the 1000's to the 0600's to BC to 3765 BC-2860 BC....and all of a sudden I see Adam and Eve!!! I'm sure there are many mistakes in these databases but still...pretty cool. The fun part is seeing some of your relatives names...it went from normal to European sounding to Greek-ish and then to biblical names...check it out!
Fam Search
For instance I am related to knights, earls, kings, countesses, barons, ladys, princesses...etc. I don't even know what like a baron is or an earl...so kind of interesting haha I should look it up...makes me want to pay attention more to history.  Just sounds like "Count Mondego" in the Count of Monte Cristo movie that Kevin loves!!! So bomb.  I just had to copy and paste...a few (haha) sorry it is kind of addicting...check out some of their names...

"Lady" Isabel Bertram (Lady Nocton)
Baron Richard de Burgh
Earl Richard de Burgh
Alan MacDonald de Galloway Lord Galloway
"Earl" Hubert Burgh (Earl of Kent)
Gundred Princess of England
Adelaide De Vermandois Countess Of Vermandois
"King" Henri I, of France (King of France) (France)
Anna Agnesa (Grand Duchess Of Kiev) Yaroslavna (Ukraine)
William I Conqueror Duke of Normandy, King of England 
Constance de Toulouse Queen of France
Albert I "The Pious" Count of Vermandois
"Queen" Matilda von Ringelheim (Queen of the Germans)(Countess von Ringelheim)
Pépin II Quentin Count Of Vermandois Lord St Quentin (Italian)
Charlemagne Emperor of The Holy Roman Empire King of The Franks (742)
Mathalgard (Hathalgard) (Concubine) Of The HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE
Vandalarius, King of the Ostrogoths
Mrs-Ostrogotha, Queen of the Black Sea Ostrogoths
Isarna (Hisarna) Troy King of Troy
* Jacob (Israel) Ibn Isaac
(1) Rachel
* Isaac Ibn Abraham
(Rebecca) Rebekah (Rebecca)
(King of Babylon) Salah ben Arphaxad
Ii) (Ii) Enoch [Prophet]
(I) (I) Noah [Prophet]
(First woman) Eve

I've always known I am from:

Just found out I'm a little...
+Italy in 0800s
etc. etc. etc. places that aren't even called that anymore...

Picture above: Omi and Opi, mom, and sister in 1968 Haunama Bay, Hawaii
You should def check out new.familysearch.org !!!


  1. New Family Search is only for members, be careful though because combine records that are wrong leads to lots of problems... There are alot of mistakes on NFS which is pretty unfortunate.

    But good for you for doing so much genealogy!

  2. whaaaa? adam and eve? you are showing me this next week in church.