My Brother, Zach Gormley (Sponsored Yo-Yoer & his bday)

Happy Birthday ZACH! He just turned 15!

A little about his sponsorship:
My brother Zach Gormley is a bomb yo-yoer...he taught himself how to yo-yo and now is sponsored by Caribou Lodge Yo Yo Works (or here) and placing quite high in yo-yo competitions across the US!  He just recently got 3rd place in the Pacific Northwest Regionals and was going against 70 other yo-yoers (all ages).  This means he is going against college and even random dudes like in their 30-40's... His sponsor even makes Zach Gormley yo-yos which quickly sold out.  Of course he has cards too. 

Here is what one of his sponsors said about him:
"Since Zach first came onto the scene, the Lodge has been impressed. His ability to carve out his own style in such a short time His almost preternatural skill level. His pure enjoyment and passion for the sport. It’s all so great and we are so proud to see him evolving even more!"
Take a look at a couple of his latest videos! He has a ton if you look at his profile on YouTube.

The following video is from his latest competition in Seattle where he placed 3rd out of 70!

He takes his yo-yos everywhere he goes...at least he has one on him at all times...even in church haha.  Everywhere we go people watch and are so mesmerized by his skills and sometimes give him money! He went to downtown Boulder (years ago when he was very new and not as good) and made tons of money just yoyo-ing it up.  It ironically was a Gay Pride week or something so there were a lot of lesbian and gay lovers, HAHA.  We try to get him to go out more in places and make money because he can make bank but he is a little shy ha.  He also made some money in Europe this past summer.

Here is his profile (taken from his sponsor site):

In 3 short years Zach Gormley has accomplished more in yo-yoing then most do in a lifetime. Top 10 at BAC, seeding at the National Yo-Yo Contest and a sponsorship from CLYW. It’s scary to think of what he’ll capable of doing in the next 3.

With his friendly personality and infectious smile, contests are always better with Zach around. When Zach isn’t yo-yoing you can find him enjoying the great outdoors of Colorado.

Name: Zachary (Zach) David Gormley
Age: 15
Hometown: St. Paul Minnesota
Currently Living In: Colorado
Handed: Right
Added to the team: May 2009
Favorite return top: Sasquatch
Discipline: 1a
Occupation: Student
Favorite Food: Crepes
Interesting Fact:I’m a fashion kinda guy
Just for fun: I’ll beat you in ping pong!

Bay Area Classic 2010 – 12th
Bay Area Classic 2009 – 9th
Rocky Mountain Regionals 2009 – 3rd
South Central Regionals 2009 – 4th


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