{Learn Something} 2

Here are my lessons learned this week! (and here we are in Vegas!)

+ I was happy when watching Emily win The Bachelor however I was not happy in the After The Rose ceremony! Why the heck is Emily not wanting to set a wedding date with Brad? Not wanting to move to Texas? Being SO insecure and annoying haha. That was a BIG disappointment! Guess her last one on one date in South Africa gave Brad a hint of how she really is! And I did feel bad for Chantell!
+ I love Cirque de Soleil! I am obsessed. I want to see EVERY show!
+ I love Vegas. I like the shows and the fun things to do...and the weather...and laying out by the pool...with my family! My "spring break" was much needed.
+ It is really fun to play tennis with Kevin.  We are in an Advanced Tennis class at BYU this semester and it is awesome! I'm excited for this summer when we can play on my parent's tennis courts day or night (it is lighted).  Also, maybe we can enter a tournament and play until we get old!
+ I am strong? I broke my house key and the key was stuck in the lock! So I had to drive all the way to campus to get the house key off of Kevin's car keys so I could drive back home and get in the house to put all of the groceries in! So random!

+ You can't do everything all the time! Sometimes you need a break from all of your commitments... or maybe you should learn how to say no or get rid of commitments.  It is hard to be a little energizer bunny! Only 1 month more of school...EVER!
+ It is good to get a good amount of sleep before going on a road trip! I drove to Vegas and was going to drive back, so Kevin could do his homework during the road trip, but I was pretty tired on the way back so Kevin drove! I quizzed him for his ManEc test that day...and was pretty out of it haha...
+ BYU Basketball is bomb. Enough said. Go Cougars (tonight)!!!
+ If you feel creeped out do something about it? I don't really know how to explain this but I was shopping at Macey's grocery store and I saw this creepy guy like at least 20 times while I was shopping.  The first time I thought "Oh, that guy looks weird" as I was walking down the cheese aisle because he wasn't very pleasant to look at (don't judge).  Then I ran around the grocery store getting milk, eggs, asparagus, muffin tins, etc. and I ALWAYS kept running into him! Everywhere I went he happened to be nearby! The weird thing about this guy is that he didn't have a shopping cart or basket.  He was just walking around the store looking at things...and reading things... I got really creeped out when I was looking at tomatoes and then he walked right next to me and was looking at tomatoes too...just staring? He didn't even buy any? While we were looking at tomatoes we made eye contact and I got way creeped out.  At that point, I was so weirded out so I grabbed my last item as fast as I can (bread) and he was in the aisle right next to me and I could see him...I bought my food and was pretty sure he was still in the store and drove home! I don't really know why he was there in the store but he sure wasn't buying anything but maybe I am just paranoid...? I told Kevin and he said I should have told management because it was really weird and suspicious.  Hopefully I won't see him again... [Sorry I said creeped/weirded out so many times but how else do you describe that?]

I guess that is all for this week!!!

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