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So I've never done anything like this before, but here's the plan. Weekly, you post things you learn, just to mix it up; silly, serious, whatever you want!  This was found at the Crowley Party blog. 

And the quote above pretty much is a good goal for all!  Here goes my 1st post!
+ I'm really tired when I am working way hard in school! I learned I have too much to do and somehow it all started happening a couple of weeks ago.  Teachers definitely pile on the homework and projects at least during the middle of the semester.
+ I really suck at Econ.  I can do any other class in the Marriott School of Management but somehow Econ is the hardest! Econ 110, ManEc 453, ManEc 300... 3 Econ classes is a little much!
+ When I am relaxed and don't care as much I am better at tennis... (Kev and I are in an Advanced Tennis class at BYU)
+ I still love Zumba haha
+Although I know I should run after I do a workout class at Gold's, I probably won't...ha.
+ I am such a bad packer! I draw it out because I think so hard about what I should bring and what outfits I should wear! PS. Have to do that...right NOW!
+ The Bachelor makes my day...and Kevin's haha...
+ I learned I really want the outfits that basically all the girls where on Gossip Girl. Yep, they're great.

+ Katinka has a problem with her knees.  Her ligaments around her knees are weak? Basically it is a problem with her patellas and if she gets into serious pain (down the road) they recommend surgery...$1500 on average, no big deal.  There are pain medications but she isn't in pain now... if she screams randomly when she is running/jumping then her patella popped out of place and then it will be an issue when it happens more frequently... poor baby! All thanks to the Banfield Pet Hospital!
+ When I am so tired and busy, a nap is a great thing! I only had one 30 minute nap this week...fyi Kevin...ha.
+ I am not that good at cooking although I am in a cooking class.
+ I kind of don't like the people in my cooking class (well mainly one girl- is this horrible to say?) but some people act like they are the coolest in the world because they are amazing "cooks" and they talk about people who don't know how to cook and laugh about it...so annoying.  Also some of these cooks in my class are weird... glad I'm not one of em.

Well, that is probably enough! I've got to pack...for VEGAS tomorrow!!! :) 
More lessons learned...next week!

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  1. Thanks for joining along with my new series!
    I love the Bachelor too haha, my husband on the other hand...
    I am so sorry for Katinka :( I hope everything works out for her.