I Love Japan!

I just thought this was cute so I had to take a pic... :)
I am saddened by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan but really who isn't? I just love Japan.  I went on a family vacation there for 2 weeks (summer of 2007) and visited Kitasenju, Tokyo, Roppongi, and many other cities.  Why just go on a trip to Japan? Well, my dad served a mission in Tokyo, Japan only a few years ago (okay more than a few).  It is one of my all time favorite vacations!

I found out about the earthquake before my dad did...Yes, I was awake at 5 am... Yes I convinced Kev to come stalk outside of the Provo temple to see if we could see my sister (Sister Gormley) on her way to the temple.  The week prior she said her and her companion went to the 6am session at the temple and said she would probably do it the next week.  So that next week we went haha SO BAD. Unfortunately no, we missed her (and that was her last weekend in the Provo MTC).  We stalked for an hourish and then had to head back home to get ready for a stupid Entrepreneurial group meeting at 8am...

As I was watching missionaries enter the temple early Friday morning, I checked my Twitter and saw the tweets from CNN about the earthquake bigger than the one in Haiti...so I told my dad.  Anyways, it is so sad and my little brother Hunter knows probably everything about it.  For some school program if they only watch a minimal number of hours of TV a week or something they get something cool...so he barely watches any...however he watched TONS of hours of the latest news on the Japan earthquake.  He is obsessed with Japan, like most of my family is. 

Anyways, here are some pictures I took of our fabulous vacation in Japan! And please do all you can...whether it be donating money or praying for the people there!!! They are so nice and respectful! They have crazy fashion too...I love Asians!
Everyday in Kitasenju.
Who knows what these are! Just saw them in a grocery store!
Outside of our hotel in Roppongi.
Eating who knows what at a very traditional Japanese restaurant.
View of Tokyo out of the Tokyo Tower window.
Tokyo Tower.
Harajuku girls got wicked style -Gwen Stefani. (PS. Great place to shop!)
Japanese festival in the streets.
Pet turtles for sale at the festival...so cute!
Adorable girl in kimono.
Chocolate covered banans with sprinkles at the festival.
Tokyo Disneyland.
Tokyo Disneyland.
By a touristy Japanese village.
Big Buddha.
If I remember right, these are prayers.
Subway with my brother, Zach.
Beautiful temples.

Sorry for the picture overload but I have thousands of pictures from this vacation!  Point of the post...do something for Japan!!!

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  1. I love all of these pictures you put up of Japan! It hurts my heart hearing about all the people who died and places destroyed.