Happy March


Here's a little update on what's been happening these days...

March is here! Okay, it is March 7th, but still.

Graduation is coming soon, which is good, but maybe a little too soon.  I don't know if we will be ready for it! We just got our caps and gowns and are waiting on graduation announcements.  If you want one, let me know, we are doing a combined announcement! Kevin and I will be both Marriott School of Management graduates!!!

It is way hard to want to try in school.  I would much rather be working out, blogging, watching the Bachelor or Gossip Girl, or organizing or something else.  My motivation has diminishing marginal returns!!!

We're moving! End of April. To Fort Collins, Colorado. We're excited! 

We need to get out of our housing contract... we paid a $500 deposit and better get it back.  Don't get me started on our house.  It is a crap hole.  We moved in (and yes, I was having major regrets) and the walls were disgusting so we painted them.  We have not done anything to make the crap hole worse but have increased the value of it. Of course, who knows if our landlady will give us the money back.  She is...annoying.  Enough said.


What kind of health insurance will I have? I heard that hospital insurance saves you bank when you are on it before you have a baby (and heck no, I am not pregnant!)...so we need to look into health insurance for me AND hospital insurance eventually.  Anyone have good health insurance? I have no clue where to start looking!

Where will we live? We will live with my parents until we a. find an apartment or b. find a house... who knows what will happen.  Again, anyone know of any hookups for first time home buyers? Anything loan details? Haha. We will look at ALL options.  Why would we want to keep throwing money into rentals that aren't that great?

Where will I work? I have so many, what?'s, where?'s, who know?'s whats... I will most definitely be getting a job.  I am willing to work a decent amount of hours for sure, but I want a flexible hour job so that I can go on little vacations when they arise.  Anyone know what types of jobs are flexible? Yes, I majored in Marketing at the Marriott School of Management- a very prestigious business school within the top 5 in the nation... but if I get a 9-5 legit job, how can I have flexibility? Also, I probably won't work there that long because sooner or later I'll be pregnant and then have a baby. So I probably won't work more than a year. Who knows. It would be nice to work retail at a clothing or home decor store so we can get discounts... :)  I wish there was a Nordstrom in Fort Collins.

Oh, and this weekend we're going to Las Vegas! My siblings' spring break is this weekend.  My dad called me last Tuesday and just said "We're going to Vegas, you wanna go?" So of course we're in.  And I'm skipping classes on Monday. We'll be gone this Friday until Tuesday morning (March 11-15). And Miss Katinka has a reservation at the kennel.  Poor girl!  We're way excited! Here we come JW Marriott!  We're probably going to see "O" by Cirque de Solei and possibly the Blue Man Group.

This is it for now!


  1. Sounds like you two have some exciting things going on! Look into the FHA loans if you don't have a down-payment of more than 3-5%, but if you can get a bigger down-payment I would bc it saves you a lot of money on some kind of insurance, I can't really remember. :)

  2. Hey thanks! I'm going to look into it!!! I don't really know anything about loans so any info is great!