Fast Advice Please :) (Updated)

Kevin and I are sending out graduation announcements because we are FINALLY graduating :)  Anyways, I'm going to get a little picture printed off for the announcement and unfortunately we did not have any professional pictures taken recently... So I have a few pictures that are decent, definately not professional by any means but maybe something to print off and throw in there... don't judge!!!! They are just what we have got at the moment and hopefully we'll get some nicer pictures taken sooner rather than later just to have! And I def try to get Kevin to smile in many more pictures but his usual faces are...goofy ones so here is what we got! Please tell me which one you think I should print off!!!
And I'm wanting to send these over to Walgreens sometime tomorrow to get printed off and picked up by Wednesday-ish... so give me your thoughts!
(1) Kansas City, Missouri
(2) Copenhagen, Denmark
(3) St. Petersburg, Russia
(4) Park City, Utah
(5) Denver, Colorado -Added late
K thank you in advance!


  1. I like the first one best! Mostly because I totally covet that dress :) But also you guys look great.

  2. #1.
    Love you. See you at graduation! I'll be there. And I'm gonna find you.

  3. #1 or #2 :) Congrats on graduating!!

  4. Love the first one but you look great in all of them! You can't go wrong :)

  5. #1 or #5! BTW... HAVE to HAVE the blue bow dress. Please share where you snagged it? I'd love to feature it on my new blog! (pinkpistachio.com)

  6. You guys look great in all of them. But my favs are 2 and 4.

  7. i like copenhagen denmark and denver colorado

  8. first choice- #1, second - #5. Congrats on graduating!! It feels SO good when they hand you that diploma!

  9. number one or two. Tanner voted too. #2 is so fun because it shows your travels and kind foreshadows that you're moving on to bigger things! :) Congratulations!

  10. sooo darling! you guys are like perfect in all of them. i love #1 and #5:) your dresses are soo cute. love you!