And I'm sick.

Don't you love it when you get sick at the best times? Well I am officially sick.  And my mom is flying in to Provo right NOW to hangout!

Well I have been thinking to myself recently, well maybe more than recently, like the past couple of months that dang I AM SO LUCKY, I have not been sick in FOREVER! I was so impressed with myself and my immune system; it was great.  I brought it up to Kevin several times and he said don't become mentally weak and don't jinx yourself.

I usually am one of those people who get sick more often than others but I thought not anymore! Even when I was working at Heritage (a psychiatric residential treatment center for at-risk youth), I didn't even get sick.  I was very impressed with that.  When I was working there, I would come on shift and many times so and so would have pink eye, sore throats, ear infections, the flu, or just throwing up... It is kind of like working at a school but everyone lives in close quarters so things spread faster than usual. So that was a big accomplishment.  I got a flu shot from the nurse there for good precaution and most of the employees got the little hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works and hung them on their lanyard.

Well guess you can't be healthy for longer than like 6 months... as long as my sickness doesn't get worse I should be good? I hope I don't have to get Nebby... (my asthma always flares up when I get sick)...

Now to drinking
and taking a nap until my mom gets in town!

Hope everyone is healthy!!!

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