And I'm sick.

Don't you love it when you get sick at the best times? Well I am officially sick.  And my mom is flying in to Provo right NOW to hangout!

Well I have been thinking to myself recently, well maybe more than recently, like the past couple of months that dang I AM SO LUCKY, I have not been sick in FOREVER! I was so impressed with myself and my immune system; it was great.  I brought it up to Kevin several times and he said don't become mentally weak and don't jinx yourself.

I usually am one of those people who get sick more often than others but I thought not anymore! Even when I was working at Heritage (a psychiatric residential treatment center for at-risk youth), I didn't even get sick.  I was very impressed with that.  When I was working there, I would come on shift and many times so and so would have pink eye, sore throats, ear infections, the flu, or just throwing up... It is kind of like working at a school but everyone lives in close quarters so things spread faster than usual. So that was a big accomplishment.  I got a flu shot from the nurse there for good precaution and most of the employees got the little hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works and hung them on their lanyard.

Well guess you can't be healthy for longer than like 6 months... as long as my sickness doesn't get worse I should be good? I hope I don't have to get Nebby... (my asthma always flares up when I get sick)...

Now to drinking
and taking a nap until my mom gets in town!

Hope everyone is healthy!!!


Fast Advice Please :) (Updated)

Kevin and I are sending out graduation announcements because we are FINALLY graduating :)  Anyways, I'm going to get a little picture printed off for the announcement and unfortunately we did not have any professional pictures taken recently... So I have a few pictures that are decent, definately not professional by any means but maybe something to print off and throw in there... don't judge!!!! They are just what we have got at the moment and hopefully we'll get some nicer pictures taken sooner rather than later just to have! And I def try to get Kevin to smile in many more pictures but his usual faces are...goofy ones so here is what we got! Please tell me which one you think I should print off!!!
And I'm wanting to send these over to Walgreens sometime tomorrow to get printed off and picked up by Wednesday-ish... so give me your thoughts!
(1) Kansas City, Missouri
(2) Copenhagen, Denmark
(3) St. Petersburg, Russia
(4) Park City, Utah
(5) Denver, Colorado -Added late
K thank you in advance!


Sister Gormley in Texas {UPDATE!}

Kelsi & a Sister missionary in her MTC district!
My good friend Nancy Jones (Okay...she is married now) Pulsipher got Kelsi's DIRECT address.  Her parents are Kelsi's mission presidents in San Antonio, Texas! Small world!  So now we do not have to mail stuff her stuff to the mission OFFICE but to her actual apartment or wherever she is living!  
Here is her latest address so use *this one*!!!
Sister Gormley
6033 De Zavala Rd. #423  
San Antonio, TX 78249
Hopefully she'll get her Brazilian Visa soon!!! I'll let you know when that happens.
Kelsi with her MTC district!

{Learn Something} 3

March 25, 2011: Lessons Learned

+I love BYU Basketball although they lost vs. Florida last night.  Sweet 16 was amazing and I really wanted BYU to get to the Elite 8.  I have been mourning over the loss!!! If they won I told myself I could fail my ManEc test and be happy...read on haha.  Anyways, it was SO much fun to watch the BYU Basketball team this past year, attend multiple games, watch many on TV with Kevin freaking out screaming at the TV! I wonder who will pick up Jimmer...hopefully the DENVER NUGGS!!! BYU Basketball did not disappoint this year!
Random tidbit of info. for the day: Jimmer's girlfriend's dad is a Sales Rep for Zephyr Graf-x (my dad's hat company)
BYU San Diego St Basketball

+I am proud to be a BYU Cougar. 1 month left here (Marriott School of Management)...bittersweet!
+I can make a homemade pie with crust and a bomb lattice top. Good times in my BYU cooking class!!! We each made a pie and baked it at home!
IMG_0557 IMG_0561
+I miss playing tennis at Miramont Lifestyle Fitness.   Playing indoor tennis is amazing! No sun, wind, or crazy weather conditions! Perfect temperature...love it!
+You can find renters FAST for your rental apartment. We posted an ad last Wednesday on KSL and Craigslist and had an open house on Saturday...and multiple couples wanted our place! No more worries about getting renters...hallelujah!  The internet is miraculous.
+I want to buy a house.  We went up to our friends, Jonny & Stephanie's friends' house...if that makes sense...and man it feels good to be in an actually HOME! Not just college apartments! Amazing.
+Having a family member on a mission is fun. It is fun to get weekly emails from Kelsi and fun to write little letters!
+I have bad senioritis and don't want to study.
+I can make homemade bread with my Kitchen Aid mixer. I made homemade yeast bread-sticks for last Sundays' dinner and they turned out great! First attempt at bread and success!
+No matter how much I try in my Economics classes I am still Econ-dumb. I have been studying since Monday and met several times with my ManEc group...attended several reviews....took my test today...was feeling good...it was taking WAY TOO LONG and then I finished and got a 63%! What? Haha I don't care.  This means that my last midterm ever at BYU I got a D! Sweet shows how much I've learned haha! It is just annoying to spend so much time and effort studying and taking the test to get that score.  The test was multiple choice and had several essay questions...and I always do better on the essay portions... I get so confused with multiple choice questions so I will def get a better grade on the workout portion!!! I got way higher than the average on my last ManEc midterm's essay portion so I'll be totally fine.
Katinka was my study partner while Kevin on was on campus late last night!

That's all for this week!


New favorite...Family Search!

n1134021739_456729_1626585So when I was in junior high one of my hobbies was doing genealogy.  I went online and found ancestors and worked on my family tree.  I convinced my dad to purchase some expensive computer program that came with genealogy software and I remember it came with a DVD on Ellis Island...and I got a ton of names for my relatives to take to the temple... then I kind of forgot about it (I know horrible right!)...and now I'm back!

Picture above: My mom, her siblings, and Omi (her mom- my grandma) with a Druid (like a wandering priest) in Isfahan, Iran

I was at church and Kevin always skips Sunday School since he is in the bishopric in our BYU married family ward.  He is usually doing meetings and meeting new members and whatnot so I went with Tyler & Jodi Pitchforth to the Family History lab.  They have a 6 week class there during Sunday School so I'll probably go there until we move... anyways Jodi taught me how to do it again!

I guess I am obsessed.  It is like a to-do list that never ends.  You can just click down so many peoples' names and keep clicking and sometimes you are lucky and you can go to the temple and do work for them.  So now I just have to figure out how to find family members...

So I clicked like for an hour and half on my Grandma's side (dad's mom) and it went forever...like to the 1000's to the 0600's to BC to 3765 BC-2860 BC....and all of a sudden I see Adam and Eve!!! I'm sure there are many mistakes in these databases but still...pretty cool. The fun part is seeing some of your relatives names...it went from normal to European sounding to Greek-ish and then to biblical names...check it out!
Fam Search
For instance I am related to knights, earls, kings, countesses, barons, ladys, princesses...etc. I don't even know what like a baron is or an earl...so kind of interesting haha I should look it up...makes me want to pay attention more to history.  Just sounds like "Count Mondego" in the Count of Monte Cristo movie that Kevin loves!!! So bomb.  I just had to copy and paste...a few (haha) sorry it is kind of addicting...check out some of their names...

"Lady" Isabel Bertram (Lady Nocton)
Baron Richard de Burgh
Earl Richard de Burgh
Alan MacDonald de Galloway Lord Galloway
"Earl" Hubert Burgh (Earl of Kent)
Gundred Princess of England
Adelaide De Vermandois Countess Of Vermandois
"King" Henri I, of France (King of France) (France)
Anna Agnesa (Grand Duchess Of Kiev) Yaroslavna (Ukraine)
William I Conqueror Duke of Normandy, King of England 
Constance de Toulouse Queen of France
Albert I "The Pious" Count of Vermandois
"Queen" Matilda von Ringelheim (Queen of the Germans)(Countess von Ringelheim)
P├ępin II Quentin Count Of Vermandois Lord St Quentin (Italian)
Charlemagne Emperor of The Holy Roman Empire King of The Franks (742)
Mathalgard (Hathalgard) (Concubine) Of The HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE
Vandalarius, King of the Ostrogoths
Mrs-Ostrogotha, Queen of the Black Sea Ostrogoths
Isarna (Hisarna) Troy King of Troy
* Jacob (Israel) Ibn Isaac
(1) Rachel
* Isaac Ibn Abraham
(Rebecca) Rebekah (Rebecca)
(King of Babylon) Salah ben Arphaxad
Ii) (Ii) Enoch [Prophet]
(I) (I) Noah [Prophet]
(First woman) Eve

I've always known I am from:

Just found out I'm a little...
+Italy in 0800s
etc. etc. etc. places that aren't even called that anymore...

Picture above: Omi and Opi, mom, and sister in 1968 Haunama Bay, Hawaii
You should def check out new.familysearch.org !!!


{DIY} T-Shirt Necklace Tutorial

Okay, so I was crafty on Sunday morning and made my own t-shirt necklace curtesy of this blog. I had been wanting to make it for a month or so and finally just did it and then I was super close to being late for church ha. So I took these pictures of me because I am going to make one for Kelsi (my sis on a mission) and show her how you wear it because it is kind of weird, but cool... and I had a few people ask me how to make it so far so I might as well post the pictures (awkward) so they know what it'll look like on and whatnot....ok good luck!
Okay here is the tutorial! I got this tutorial from the i believe in unicorns blog!



Kevin and I are in an Entrepreneurial Marketing class this semester! He needs it for his Entrepreneurship major and I chose it as an elective for my Marketing major :) We of course chose to be in the same group... every class pretty much in the Marriott School of Management does tons of group projects/papers/assignments... so we had to find a pain in the market and we thought about how whenever you are trying to get peanut butter out of a jar and it gets all over your hands and also how you can't get ever last bit of peanut butter in the jar...so we made a *very* rough prototype for our focus group, infomercial, and class presentation... here is part of our presentation we have for tomorrows class!

And if you order within the next 15 minutes you will get the Clickstick! (Additional add on product haha)-- Sorry this doesn't have sound, Kevin is going to be the voice of Billy Mays and talk about it during the presentation!

Watch if you want haha.

Sister Gormley in TEXAS (temporarily)!

 Kelsi & her German MTC mission companion
In case you haven't heard but all of the US missionaries called to serve in Brazil are having a hard time getting their Visas.  All of the US missionaries going to Brazil are stuck in the Provo-MTC while the Brazilians are stuck in their Brazilian MTC.  All because of Visa problems... What is happening is that the US missionaries in the Provo-MTC are putting in their time and having to temporarily relocate stateside while they await their Visas.  Kelsi just got reassigned to... 
San Antonio, Texas!
and flew there this past Monday!  Anyone from there?!?!
So if you want to write her, her new address is:
Sister Kelsi Gormley
404 E. Ramsey Rd. Ste 105 
San Antonio, TX 78216-4665 
Oh, and she learned Portuguese in the MTC for Brazil...and she got called to speak SPANISH (yes that is right...!) in Texas?!?! She said she can understand Spanish speakers now but has no clue how to talk to them. Yeah, Portuguese and Spanish are very similar but everything is a variance off each other! Crazy! 
By the way...totally write her!
And I will let you all know when she heads out to Brazil so for now this is her current address!


{Learn Something} 2

Here are my lessons learned this week! (and here we are in Vegas!)

+ I was happy when watching Emily win The Bachelor however I was not happy in the After The Rose ceremony! Why the heck is Emily not wanting to set a wedding date with Brad? Not wanting to move to Texas? Being SO insecure and annoying haha. That was a BIG disappointment! Guess her last one on one date in South Africa gave Brad a hint of how she really is! And I did feel bad for Chantell!
+ I love Cirque de Soleil! I am obsessed. I want to see EVERY show!
+ I love Vegas. I like the shows and the fun things to do...and the weather...and laying out by the pool...with my family! My "spring break" was much needed.
+ It is really fun to play tennis with Kevin.  We are in an Advanced Tennis class at BYU this semester and it is awesome! I'm excited for this summer when we can play on my parent's tennis courts day or night (it is lighted).  Also, maybe we can enter a tournament and play until we get old!
+ I am strong? I broke my house key and the key was stuck in the lock! So I had to drive all the way to campus to get the house key off of Kevin's car keys so I could drive back home and get in the house to put all of the groceries in! So random!

+ You can't do everything all the time! Sometimes you need a break from all of your commitments... or maybe you should learn how to say no or get rid of commitments.  It is hard to be a little energizer bunny! Only 1 month more of school...EVER!
+ It is good to get a good amount of sleep before going on a road trip! I drove to Vegas and was going to drive back, so Kevin could do his homework during the road trip, but I was pretty tired on the way back so Kevin drove! I quizzed him for his ManEc test that day...and was pretty out of it haha...
+ BYU Basketball is bomb. Enough said. Go Cougars (tonight)!!!
+ If you feel creeped out do something about it? I don't really know how to explain this but I was shopping at Macey's grocery store and I saw this creepy guy like at least 20 times while I was shopping.  The first time I thought "Oh, that guy looks weird" as I was walking down the cheese aisle because he wasn't very pleasant to look at (don't judge).  Then I ran around the grocery store getting milk, eggs, asparagus, muffin tins, etc. and I ALWAYS kept running into him! Everywhere I went he happened to be nearby! The weird thing about this guy is that he didn't have a shopping cart or basket.  He was just walking around the store looking at things...and reading things... I got really creeped out when I was looking at tomatoes and then he walked right next to me and was looking at tomatoes too...just staring? He didn't even buy any? While we were looking at tomatoes we made eye contact and I got way creeped out.  At that point, I was so weirded out so I grabbed my last item as fast as I can (bread) and he was in the aisle right next to me and I could see him...I bought my food and was pretty sure he was still in the store and drove home! I don't really know why he was there in the store but he sure wasn't buying anything but maybe I am just paranoid...? I told Kevin and he said I should have told management because it was really weird and suspicious.  Hopefully I won't see him again... [Sorry I said creeped/weirded out so many times but how else do you describe that?]

I guess that is all for this week!!!


Las Vegas Spring Break...yea we made our own (1/2)

So my parents just called a week before we left and asked us "Wanna go to Vegas?" Of course we said yes.  We had SO much homework/stuff to do before we headed out to Vegas so after long hours and no sleep we were ready for our spring break! And we skipped all of our Monday classes.  Now I am proud to say I got full points on a quiz that was on Monday's lecture...and I wasn't even there! :)

Friday, March 11, 2011- We left and first dropped off Katinka at the kennel and then drove straight to Vegas!
Me w/the bebe Tinkas
My parents' flight got in a little later than ours so we checked in the hotel to wait for them.  We stayed at the JW Marriott Resort -Las Vegas and it was such a gorgeous resort!
The first thing Kevin did was check to see if the BYU Basketball game was on and they didn't carry the channel so we drove over to the closest bar (Gordon Biersch) playing the game and ordered some appetizers.
My usual attempt at getting a picture with Kevin...while watching the BYU game! AND....Jimmer made 52 points in this game!!! Incredible!
Then my family got in town and we ate at The Cheesecake Factory and hung out until bed.

Saturday, March 12, 2011-
We slept in and then went swimming.  Here is a scene that is typical haha
We ordered lunch at the pool and just hung out.  They had waterfalls which were fun for my brothers.  Then we went to Gordon Biersch, again, to watch the BYU Basketball game (which they lost :( ) and headed over to the Bellagio to watch "O" by Cirque de Soleil!!!
My parents booked our tickets way late in advance and got 2nd row seats... my mom thought being closer wasn't the best because maybe the show was going to be more above but man, the seats and show were incredible.  I know am OBSESSED with Cirque and want to see EVERY show someday :)  And I don't know if I will be able to not sit 2nd row or closer haha...okay probably won't happen but it was so worth it!
"O" is the Cirque show that has a huge swimming pool in the theatre floor.  My favorite parts were the trapeze artists! They were so amazing!  At one point they were flying on a suspended moving pirate ship and a person was flying in the air towards another person hanging from the pirate ship and the one flying was supposed to be caught by the other person...but didn't make it and landed in the water... it was so scary! And then the artist swam to the side of the pool and was breathing really hard because I'm sure he was so tired and falling from the pirate ship was unexpected.  I bet the trapeze artists have backup routines or a backup artist who will fill in for the artist who fell off...
The clowns were my least favorite but still pretty good and at one point they threw a toilet paper roll in the audience and my mom caught it! So funny and another part the clowns pulled people out of the audience to dance with them and one clown was looking at the person RIGHT in front of me and I was so nervous because I was 1 row above but luckily he took the guy in front of me... basically I am obsessed.
By the way, do not google "Cirque O trapeze artists" and click on about every picture; I might have got a virus, really weird, so yeah...we will see haha.
Here are some pics I got before the virus thingy went down!
Some of the swimmers!
After the show we saw the Bellagio fountains!!! So fun!
Part 2 coming soon...! 

Teach Me How to Jimmer

Here is a favorite YouTube video for your viewing pleasure...!!!

I Love Japan!

I just thought this was cute so I had to take a pic... :)
I am saddened by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan but really who isn't? I just love Japan.  I went on a family vacation there for 2 weeks (summer of 2007) and visited Kitasenju, Tokyo, Roppongi, and many other cities.  Why just go on a trip to Japan? Well, my dad served a mission in Tokyo, Japan only a few years ago (okay more than a few).  It is one of my all time favorite vacations!

I found out about the earthquake before my dad did...Yes, I was awake at 5 am... Yes I convinced Kev to come stalk outside of the Provo temple to see if we could see my sister (Sister Gormley) on her way to the temple.  The week prior she said her and her companion went to the 6am session at the temple and said she would probably do it the next week.  So that next week we went haha SO BAD. Unfortunately no, we missed her (and that was her last weekend in the Provo MTC).  We stalked for an hourish and then had to head back home to get ready for a stupid Entrepreneurial group meeting at 8am...

As I was watching missionaries enter the temple early Friday morning, I checked my Twitter and saw the tweets from CNN about the earthquake bigger than the one in Haiti...so I told my dad.  Anyways, it is so sad and my little brother Hunter knows probably everything about it.  For some school program if they only watch a minimal number of hours of TV a week or something they get something cool...so he barely watches any...however he watched TONS of hours of the latest news on the Japan earthquake.  He is obsessed with Japan, like most of my family is. 

Anyways, here are some pictures I took of our fabulous vacation in Japan! And please do all you can...whether it be donating money or praying for the people there!!! They are so nice and respectful! They have crazy fashion too...I love Asians!
Everyday in Kitasenju.
Who knows what these are! Just saw them in a grocery store!
Outside of our hotel in Roppongi.
Eating who knows what at a very traditional Japanese restaurant.
View of Tokyo out of the Tokyo Tower window.
Tokyo Tower.
Harajuku girls got wicked style -Gwen Stefani. (PS. Great place to shop!)
Japanese festival in the streets.
Pet turtles for sale at the festival...so cute!
Adorable girl in kimono.
Chocolate covered banans with sprinkles at the festival.
Tokyo Disneyland.
Tokyo Disneyland.
By a touristy Japanese village.
Big Buddha.
If I remember right, these are prayers.
Subway with my brother, Zach.
Beautiful temples.

Sorry for the picture overload but I have thousands of pictures from this vacation!  Point of the post...do something for Japan!!!


Need cheap housing?

Anyone need a place to live that is dang cheap?
Welp, Kev and I are moving to Fort Collins, CO after graduation!!! So excited. And our place is freaking cheap and pretty big...we gotta get some renters!
Anyways take a look at what we got, or tell your friends, please :)

Here are the details:
Married contract available end of April after BYU graduation.  Move in dates negotiable. Contract goes until August 27 and you can renew if you'd like.
Rent: $700/month
Location: off Carterville road in Provo, UT. Close to BYU/University Mall/Gold's Gym/Macey's
-3 bedrooms (each have a closet)
-1 Bathroom (tub/shower)
-Shared washer/dryer w/downstairs unit
-Cable (Dish with DVR), already set up and box in the unit
-Fenced Backyard (pretty big, you can plant a garden or do whatever you want really, the last tenant left a trampoline out there...)
-Brand new dishwasher
-Brand new stove top
-Newly painted walls in living room, kitchen, and 1 bedroom (accent walls too)

Not Included:
-Internet (we just use our neighbors and pay them a flat cheap fee)
-Gas, Electric, & trash

We are showing the place this Saturday, March 19, from 9am - noon.  Please call and let us know you are coming or if you would like to make an appointment.
Call/text Kevin, anytime, any day at: 816-699-6393.


{Learn something}

So I've never done anything like this before, but here's the plan. Weekly, you post things you learn, just to mix it up; silly, serious, whatever you want!  This was found at the Crowley Party blog. 

And the quote above pretty much is a good goal for all!  Here goes my 1st post!
+ I'm really tired when I am working way hard in school! I learned I have too much to do and somehow it all started happening a couple of weeks ago.  Teachers definitely pile on the homework and projects at least during the middle of the semester.
+ I really suck at Econ.  I can do any other class in the Marriott School of Management but somehow Econ is the hardest! Econ 110, ManEc 453, ManEc 300... 3 Econ classes is a little much!
+ When I am relaxed and don't care as much I am better at tennis... (Kev and I are in an Advanced Tennis class at BYU)
+ I still love Zumba haha
+Although I know I should run after I do a workout class at Gold's, I probably won't...ha.
+ I am such a bad packer! I draw it out because I think so hard about what I should bring and what outfits I should wear! PS. Have to do that...right NOW!
+ The Bachelor makes my day...and Kevin's haha...
+ I learned I really want the outfits that basically all the girls where on Gossip Girl. Yep, they're great.

+ Katinka has a problem with her knees.  Her ligaments around her knees are weak? Basically it is a problem with her patellas and if she gets into serious pain (down the road) they recommend surgery...$1500 on average, no big deal.  There are pain medications but she isn't in pain now... if she screams randomly when she is running/jumping then her patella popped out of place and then it will be an issue when it happens more frequently... poor baby! All thanks to the Banfield Pet Hospital!
+ When I am so tired and busy, a nap is a great thing! I only had one 30 minute nap this week...fyi Kevin...ha.
+ I am not that good at cooking although I am in a cooking class.
+ I kind of don't like the people in my cooking class (well mainly one girl- is this horrible to say?) but some people act like they are the coolest in the world because they are amazing "cooks" and they talk about people who don't know how to cook and laugh about it...so annoying.  Also some of these cooks in my class are weird... glad I'm not one of em.

Well, that is probably enough! I've got to pack...for VEGAS tomorrow!!! :) 
More lessons learned...next week!



February 21, 2011 - President's Day - The Canyons
Yes, we went snowboarding again.  We thought it was going to be packed and it kind of was but we found the best part of the mountain.  It is the most furthest mountain away from the entrance and it was pretty wide and open.  We rode the runs on that mountain the whole day and did so many of them! It was a great day on the slopes!
Kev & I
Anyone want to go snowboarding?