We're Moving!

Kevin got a job offer for...
Zephyr Graf-x aka ZHATS

Zephyr makes the best college, NHL, custom hats around...
yes I'm a little biased (my dad started it) but it is the PERFECT job for Kevin!
Here is a bomb flat bill

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So we move end of April after all the graduation shenanigans and he starts May 1, 2011! We are so excited to be done with college, both graduating from BYU and the Marriott School of Management! We're lucky to be by some family too when we start this new phase of our life! We'll be living in Fort Collins, Colorado, where I grew up.  It'll be good to know the area pretty well so we can choose a good area to rent and eventually buy and it'll be easier than living in a brand new city alone! I know some people who we can hangout with and possibly connections so I can get myself a job when we move which is good.  So here we go 2 more months of enduring school!!!


  1. Exciting! Tho, we will miss you guys.
    Happy Birthday by the way!

  2. Congrats!! That will also be great being able to live by your family.. Two months will fly by

  3. that is so exciting. I didn't realize you both were done so soon. and I love that you will be close to family. We will have to see you guys before you leave.

  4. That is super exciting!!! But I'm not very excited about you guys moving... :(