Valentine's Day

February 14, 2011, Valentine's Day
It is also my Grandpa Gormleys birthday.
Kevin and I decided to make a little dinner together.
But first, I got him a card and a gift card to Dickeys - it is a BBQ restaurant here in Provo.  He loves it. Now he can eat there whenever he wants, until it is used up. And I got him some of his favorite candy! Here he is SO excited for it haha.

Me and Tinka...sadly Kevin and I did not get a picture together this night!

We made this baked pasta dish and it actually fed us for days after; it is so big! 


Kevin here with our set up! He got me those roses :)
Baked pasta, Italian Grisseini breadsticks (sp?), sparkling Martinelli drinks
AND for dessert Angelfood cake with strawberries and cool whip!
I love you KEVIN!

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