Last Night with the Castleberrys!

Our good friends Ben & Amanda Castleberry got a job offer in San Clemente, California! We have hung out with them a lot over the past couple years and are sad to see them go! Everyone is slowly moving away, including us in a couple of months! We both made time to hangout (February 1, 2011) one last time before they moved! We had an Italian dinner at our place and then went bowling at Fat Cats...and yes we did unlimited bowling for the guys!
Amanda & I
P1100270 - Copy

Kevin & Ben
P1100275 - Copy

Amanda getting ready to bowl!

Yes I don't know why my camera sucks so bad...haha...but here we are...

And somehow I got 123 and beat everyone...let's say I was pumped.  Okay, apparently some people were bowling with their non-bowling hand but regardless I don't know if I've ever broken 100 so I had to take a picture of this!  I got a strike by throwing the ball in between my legs...and that has happened one other time in my life like 5 years ago...


We hope to road trip to see Ben & Amanda sometime before we graduate but we still need to look at schedules! We visited them in DC this past summer and hopefully we can in Cali soon! I haven't been to CA since...I don't even remember, but I went to preschool there so it has been awhile! Miss u guys (Ben & Amanda)!!!
PS. If you live in SoCal and need a photographer, check out Amanda! She is legit.  She majored in Photography at BYU and has photographed many people, including me and she is fabulous!

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  1. Ohhh, miss you! For real! Good times with the Sloans!
    1) You need to come down to CA ASAP! Okay?
    2) uh...74?! Did you REALLY need to put that on there? Maybe just crop out the bottom??
    3) Thanks for the plug girl. You are so nice. If you ever have a biznesss (which you totally will because you are so business savy like that) I will click, click you! Mua