BYU Mens Volleyball Games

Kevin and I went to the season opener on January 28, 2011 for the Mens Volleyball team...it was so much fun! BYU played UC Irvine and BYU won.  I really do love watching volleyball! And yes since we are moving I am feeling like going to more BYU sporting events just because this is our "last opportunity"!
We got great seats because we came 40 minutes early...right next to the court!

Here is my stalker picture of my freshman friend Erik...he is #1

Just us hanging out on a little date we had :)
I had so much fun I thought it would be a good event to take the girls at the treatment center to.  I have a ManEc (Managerial Economics) class with a guy on the team and he gave me 11 tickets so the next weekend I got to take 10 girls to a game, along with another coworker.  That was on February 5, 2011 and BYU played UCLA.  BYU won all 3 games and some of the girls at the treatment center were pretty upset...mostly all of the kids at Heritage are from California! So we had a few girls cheering for UCLA just because of that.

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