BYU Fanz

We went to Chilis to watch the BYU Basketball game vs. UNLV 
Unfortunately I had to leave early for work :(
(February 5, 2011)
Me & Stephanie

BYU Basketball vs. Utah (February 12, 2011)
I didn't have to leave early from this game! Thank goodness! This was not one of Jimmers best games...so sad.  My favorite part was the white pom poms and getting pumped up to Zombie Nation.
We were on the 18th row (this is way early- that is why there are open seats behind us...well it is actually the non-student part, we were right next to the those seats but still in the student section)
Kevin (nice lips?), Jonny, Stephanie, & me

PS. the Utahs coach was annoying and same with the Utah cheerleaders screaming whenever BYU had a free throw...they sounded like they were on a rollercoaster and I wanted to punch them

Just sometime during the game :)
Can't wait for this weeks games!!!

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