BYU Basketball vs. SDSU

One of the funnest games... BYU vs. SDSU
January 26, 2011
The game was sold out and Kevin was invited by his old BYU Baseball pitching coach, Coach Applegate so he sat with him.  Jonny & Stephanie picked me up on the way to the game and we paid some scalpers to get into the game! Good choice because I was thinking about working out instead this night haha.
Game time
Jonny, Stephanie, & me...
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Me & Kev- he snuck over to say hey
BYU fans...it was a whiteout game
Pumped up for the game!
Just a closer shot...Jimmer is 32.
And the big win!!! BYU students stormed the court...1st time ever. I wish I could have but we were stuck up high and no one would try with me!
Jimmer mania!!! 
Scored 43 points.
We all chanted "You got Jimmered!"
After this game, pretty much every BYU student had a status update on Facebook regarding Jimmer.  
Stephanie quoted me saying "Jimmer Fredette will wake up in the morning and piss excellence." (Reference to Talladega Nights)
And Kevin Durant of the NBA said via Twitter, "Jimmer Fredette is the best scorer in the world!!!"
Jimmer created a Twitter that night and within 2 hours he had hundreds of followers, including me.
Jimmered, enough said.

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