Bachelor Parties

So every Monday we throw Bachelor parties...we didn't exactly plan on doing them but it just happened... It started January 10th, 2011 when we threw a College National Championship game party...and then watched The Bachelor afterwards... We had approx. 20ish people over and def did not have enough couch space! I have a picture of everyone watching it but whenever I copy and paste it into this blog post the size is way larger than it really is when you post it...so annoying! Photobucket is driving me crazy!
Now each Monday we throw a little "party" and at least some people come over... if you watch it and wanna come over let me know :)
So Michelle...psycho...bad image for Utah! 
And here is Kevin's pick...although she left the show...named Madison... because she felt bad for another contestant (Emily) and feels that she deserves him more than she does...And yes she has fangs in this picture...it wasn't until like the 4th episode that she took them out! We all thought she had shaved her teeth to be sharp like that! So weird...
And here is who we want to win! Her name is Emily and she is a sweet girl! So nice!
Can't wait for next MONDAY! It is my highlight of the day!

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