Edelweiss by Sarah {Giveaway}

Hey all! My cute cousin, Sarah, is a designer (Edelweiss by Sarah) and her latest fashion line just came out!  She is living in New York.  Daybook is doing a give-away for one of her dresses (there are other clothes as well, but this give-away is for one of the dresses) and I would kill for one of these dresses.  Of course I did all of the entries and extra ones but if I don't win (of course I won't haha) I will have to save up my money!  
Click here for details about the give-away! 
Here are some dresses from her latest collections! 



Watch it! My cousin is in the black skinny jeans/blue shirt!

Inviting all to come unto Christ: Sharing the gospel

I love this! Let's be more like these boys!


My 23rd Bday!

My birthday was February 19, 2011 and I turned 23 years old! So dang old... 
Anyways, earlier in the week Kevin told me he had some of my birthday day planned, and he told me the plan the night before.
This is what he planned (so cute haha):
9- Walk/Run
10- Breakfast- my choice of Denny's OR breakfast at home made by him (I had a free birthday meal at Denny's)
11- Presents
1- My choice of the Rock Quarry OR Provo Beach Resort (indoor surfing/mini-golf/bowling/laser tag...etc) AND if I want Baseball BP
6- Dinner
7:30- Cougarettes Dance Performance at the Covey Arts Center
10- Dessert
10:45- Movie

This is what we did:
9- Walk with Katinka to the park and back and yes we let her off her leash and thankfully she came back to us!!! Confession: I have not been walking her as much as I used to...ever since we lived here I have not really wanted to walk around this neighborhood...haha. But she sure does love to mark her territory!
10- Kevin made a smiley face breakfast! Cinnamon rolls *my fave* and pancakes and bacon...as you can see all of this! Breakfast is seriously one of my favorite meals...I love all of the food! He was going to cook eggs but we realized we used all of them in the tiramisu earlier the week!
11- Presents- You can see Kevin was really excited bringing in my presents...he put them in this red gift bag and acted like Santa haha.
Whatever Kevin gets me I LOVE! I just love when he thinks about what I would like or use or need and surprises me! He got me a Neuschwanstein castle puzzle (2000 pieces) and you probably don't know that I love to do puzzles.  Growing up, my family randomly had puzzles, like on the dining room table, and we would work on them occasionally.  We worked on a sweet one over this past Christmas break up in Breckenridge...here and here.  Anyways, I love Germany, and have been there twice, and have been to Neuschwanstein once and so he picked the perfect puzzle for me! I said I wanted one over Christmas break and totally forgot so it was a pleasant surprise!
I also got a mouse because Kevin stole my computer mouse like a year or so ago and he uses it a lot and he thought I could use one...bringing it on campus and what not...so thoughtful! And of course it is pink because I am a girl...
Don't judge because I am so white and not wearing makeup haha.
I also got spoiled by my parents and got a.......
If you have any favo mixing recipes please hook me up :)
I'm pumped. I've always wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer.  Maybe because it is pretty but maybe to use to help cook.  I am in a cooking class at BYU right now and I think it is helping me learn a lot and helping me want to cook more so that is good! Anyways, I am going to use this ASAP!
1- Then we went to the BYU Baseball field and Kevin pitched to me...I was always the kid who struck out in Junior High so I didn't really like Baseball, ever.  But then I married a BYU Baseball player and learned to love it.  Now that I have a baseball player husband I realized I'm not a righty but a lefty.  So now I am legit. Ask Kevin.
Oh, and we are going to go to the Provo Beach Resort sometime later...I wanted to spread out of the funness and not wear ourselves out entirely!
2ish- We watched some of the BYU Basketball game :) And BYU won.
4- Come home to get ready to eat dinner
5- Go to Red Robin (I had a free burger) and walk around the mall...wishing I had time to try on cute clothes at Gap.
6- Eat a fabulous meal.
Don't judge our weird pictures.
7:30- Cougarettes in Concert! I LOVE watching them...they are SO talented! Whenever I go to dance performances it gets me all pumped up and wanting to get into dance again!!! (I did minor in it)
They did do this dance.  Yes I am jealous.
Cougarettes 0902-27 049
10ish- Watched I Am Legend (started the movie the night before) and I got super tired and fell asleep snuggling with Kevin...
And that was my birthday!  Happy 23 to me!  A great day to Kevin because of all his hard work planning it! It was so thoughtful!  Thanks everyone who wished me a Happy Bday! It was great!


Valentine's Day

February 14, 2011, Valentine's Day
It is also my Grandpa Gormleys birthday.
Kevin and I decided to make a little dinner together.
But first, I got him a card and a gift card to Dickeys - it is a BBQ restaurant here in Provo.  He loves it. Now he can eat there whenever he wants, until it is used up. And I got him some of his favorite candy! Here he is SO excited for it haha.

Me and Tinka...sadly Kevin and I did not get a picture together this night!

We made this baked pasta dish and it actually fed us for days after; it is so big! 


Kevin here with our set up! He got me those roses :)
Baked pasta, Italian Grisseini breadsticks (sp?), sparkling Martinelli drinks
AND for dessert Angelfood cake with strawberries and cool whip!
I love you KEVIN!


BYU Fanz

We went to Chilis to watch the BYU Basketball game vs. UNLV 
Unfortunately I had to leave early for work :(
(February 5, 2011)
Me & Stephanie

BYU Basketball vs. Utah (February 12, 2011)
I didn't have to leave early from this game! Thank goodness! This was not one of Jimmers best games...so sad.  My favorite part was the white pom poms and getting pumped up to Zombie Nation.
We were on the 18th row (this is way early- that is why there are open seats behind us...well it is actually the non-student part, we were right next to the those seats but still in the student section)
Kevin (nice lips?), Jonny, Stephanie, & me

PS. the Utahs coach was annoying and same with the Utah cheerleaders screaming whenever BYU had a free throw...they sounded like they were on a rollercoaster and I wanted to punch them

Just sometime during the game :)
Can't wait for this weeks games!!!

BYU Mens Volleyball Games

Kevin and I went to the season opener on January 28, 2011 for the Mens Volleyball team...it was so much fun! BYU played UC Irvine and BYU won.  I really do love watching volleyball! And yes since we are moving I am feeling like going to more BYU sporting events just because this is our "last opportunity"!
We got great seats because we came 40 minutes early...right next to the court!

Here is my stalker picture of my freshman friend Erik...he is #1

Just us hanging out on a little date we had :)
I had so much fun I thought it would be a good event to take the girls at the treatment center to.  I have a ManEc (Managerial Economics) class with a guy on the team and he gave me 11 tickets so the next weekend I got to take 10 girls to a game, along with another coworker.  That was on February 5, 2011 and BYU played UCLA.  BYU won all 3 games and some of the girls at the treatment center were pretty upset...mostly all of the kids at Heritage are from California! So we had a few girls cheering for UCLA just because of that.

Last Night with the Castleberrys!

Our good friends Ben & Amanda Castleberry got a job offer in San Clemente, California! We have hung out with them a lot over the past couple years and are sad to see them go! Everyone is slowly moving away, including us in a couple of months! We both made time to hangout (February 1, 2011) one last time before they moved! We had an Italian dinner at our place and then went bowling at Fat Cats...and yes we did unlimited bowling for the guys!
Amanda & I
P1100270 - Copy

Kevin & Ben
P1100275 - Copy

Amanda getting ready to bowl!

Yes I don't know why my camera sucks so bad...haha...but here we are...

And somehow I got 123 and beat everyone...let's say I was pumped.  Okay, apparently some people were bowling with their non-bowling hand but regardless I don't know if I've ever broken 100 so I had to take a picture of this!  I got a strike by throwing the ball in between my legs...and that has happened one other time in my life like 5 years ago...


We hope to road trip to see Ben & Amanda sometime before we graduate but we still need to look at schedules! We visited them in DC this past summer and hopefully we can in Cali soon! I haven't been to CA since...I don't even remember, but I went to preschool there so it has been awhile! Miss u guys (Ben & Amanda)!!!
PS. If you live in SoCal and need a photographer, check out Amanda! She is legit.  She majored in Photography at BYU and has photographed many people, including me and she is fabulous!


We're Moving!

Kevin got a job offer for...
Zephyr Graf-x aka ZHATS

Zephyr makes the best college, NHL, custom hats around...
yes I'm a little biased (my dad started it) but it is the PERFECT job for Kevin!
Here is a bomb flat bill

[You can become a fan on Facebook here 
And check out Hatmonster ]

So we move end of April after all the graduation shenanigans and he starts May 1, 2011! We are so excited to be done with college, both graduating from BYU and the Marriott School of Management! We're lucky to be by some family too when we start this new phase of our life! We'll be living in Fort Collins, Colorado, where I grew up.  It'll be good to know the area pretty well so we can choose a good area to rent and eventually buy and it'll be easier than living in a brand new city alone! I know some people who we can hangout with and possibly connections so I can get myself a job when we move which is good.  So here we go 2 more months of enduring school!!!


BYU Basketball vs. SDSU

One of the funnest games... BYU vs. SDSU
January 26, 2011
The game was sold out and Kevin was invited by his old BYU Baseball pitching coach, Coach Applegate so he sat with him.  Jonny & Stephanie picked me up on the way to the game and we paid some scalpers to get into the game! Good choice because I was thinking about working out instead this night haha.
Game time
Jonny, Stephanie, & me...
PS. If you like my hat go to Zhats or Hatmonster :) And if you want to buy one from Hatmonster let me know and I'll give you a discount code! Zephyr is the best.
Me & Kev- he snuck over to say hey
BYU fans...it was a whiteout game
Pumped up for the game!
Just a closer shot...Jimmer is 32.
And the big win!!! BYU students stormed the court...1st time ever. I wish I could have but we were stuck up high and no one would try with me!
Jimmer mania!!! 
Scored 43 points.
We all chanted "You got Jimmered!"
After this game, pretty much every BYU student had a status update on Facebook regarding Jimmer.  
Stephanie quoted me saying "Jimmer Fredette will wake up in the morning and piss excellence." (Reference to Talladega Nights)
And Kevin Durant of the NBA said via Twitter, "Jimmer Fredette is the best scorer in the world!!!"
Jimmer created a Twitter that night and within 2 hours he had hundreds of followers, including me.
Jimmered, enough said.


Katinka's Wish List

More Pinterest time... in class... ha. If I were Katinka, I would want...
She would love this and would probably stay there all day!!!
Can def get these personalized and in different colors, so cute!
LOVE this nightstand, so sweet!!!
PS. Her birthday is April 6th...Jesus' birthday!


I Love Birthday Clubs.

My birthday is February 19th and I have already been celebrating thanks to restaurant birthday clubs!!! Here is what I've got hooked up with so far:
[✔ means I've already used them! Def look into signing up for these clubs because when its your birthday month you will get loaded with free meals!]
-Free meal at Tucanos Brazilian Grill
-Free bowl of Noodles from Noodles!...
-Free appetizer or sidekick of ribs at Texas Roadhouse
-Free gourmet burger of your choice from Red Robin
-Free Ice-cream with 1 topping from Coldstone Creamery...
-$5 off any purchase from Famous Footwear
-Free gift from Aveda (my FAVORITE hair products)
-Free meal up to $12 value from Wallaby's Barbecue (here in Provo)...
-Free entree up to $10 value (with a $20 check...sneaky there) from Mimi's Cafe


Katinka hates cooking

So Katinka is freaked out now whenever we cook...it all started when Kevin was cooking some Italian sausage and the popping from the oil freaked her out...she ran into the other room and hid behind the couch with her tail behind her bum.  The next time we were cooking she did it again! She really hates our cooking! It is crazy because she wouldn't even come out for a treat! Here she is:
And here she is with a Halloween candy bar back there...guess she drug it back there...? Ha.

I will brainwash my kids

Truth.  I will be brainwashing my future kids.  See example below: