Hangout, Massage Chairs, & Sushi

I'm getting behind in blogging again!!! Anywho, here is a little on what went down on Dec. 26, 2010!

Earlier in the day Kelsi had her farewell talk and missionary farewell... then Emily & Mindy stayed longer after her farwell and we hung out and made sushi!  December 27th is my dad's birthday and we were heading up to Breckenridge that day so we gave him his birthday present early...which is a sushi kit with lots of seafood!  My dad served a mission in Tokyo, Japan so he loves Asian food and sushi. 
Mindy, Zach (bro), & Mom - In bed ha
 Emily in the massage chair!!! Love this thing.  My favorite setting is "Stretch."
 Hunter just hanging out and playing with his remote control helicopter
 First try of sushi
 Mindy, dad, Hunter, & Kevin
 Kevin with his artwork *Sushi*
 Mindy & I being Asian with sushi.  She does a better job than I.
Love just hanging out at home...so much!!!


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