Good luck CEL

Celestine Yeung is one of my favorite friends.  
She is so smart, fun, beautiful, hilarious, and so Asian.  She just moved to CALI to work a little before she goes and becomes a big time doctor (possibly a gynecologist, oncologist, pediatrician, or something with research--she rocks at research).  She was one of my friends I met in the dorms at BYU and we hung out ever since we met.  I also lived with her my sophomore year at King Henry.  We hung out a couple of times right before she left for CA; we went shopping once and hit up Cafe Rio for her last meal in Provo. Here she is!!! (Dang I need to find some old freshman pics...but my freakin computer lost all of my data/pics/info).
DEF need to go and visit her in sunny California...but thank goodness she will be back to Provo to walk at graduation with me :)

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  1. Oh my gosh, Ash. Thank you!!!!! :) This makes me SO happy - haha i am smiling super big with my post-wisdom-teeth-removal chipmunk cheeks! I am soo glad we got to hang out a few times before I left - Thanks for making time for me :) You are such a good friend & I miss you so much already!!! You, Kev, and Tinka definitely need to come visit after you get all settled into FOCO. & yes, Graduation is going to be bomb.

    Uhhh yeahhh... & also... This post (& all your other beautiful posts) makes me want to start a blog! ;) just for you! hahaha.