The Canyons

Kevin, Patrick, and me hit up The Canyons on January 8, 2011.  Patrick has a season pass there and he had 2 free all-day buddy passes so we got hooked up.  Utah resorts vs. Colorado resorts...still a big fan of the Colorado resorts.  I liked riding at The Canyons but the runs were a lot narrower and you had to go on a bunch more catwalks.  It is just different but still good.  
Patrick on the lift from the parking lot to the resort entrance
 Canyons here we come
 Heated seats + orange bubble shield (no wind or snow in our faces) = Best lift ride ever
 Patrick & Kev
 My beautiful photography. Let's be honest here. This is bomb.
 The tools in the terrain park. Gotta love em. (Okay they are not all tools but some are).
 BOXZILLA! The most stupidest box/rail ever.  They put all of the boxes together and made one huge long box of 250 ft.  The problem was they started the box with a S rail which is very hard to do and even if you had enough speed to get through it no way you could make it to the end and end on a C rail.  Anyways, pretty funny to watch. 
Kev & Patrick
 Me, Kev, & Patrick right after a lift
 The group
Thanks Patrick for the free buddy passes...although I doubt you've ever seen my blog. Canyons anyone?

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