Breckenridge Part 1

Can I just say I love the snow, mountains, ski resorts, and snowboarding? We went up to Breckenridge December 27 until January 1.  It was so much fun.  I love Breck.  We have stayed here a few times in a condo and it's the best.  We had 4 solid days of riding.
Poor Kelsi hurt her labrum a month or so ago snowboarding in Utah being a little too crazy so she couldn't ride.  Plus she was going on mission like a week and a half later.  So she had to sit out and was pretty bummed.  Opi & Omi (grandpa & grandma on my mom's side- it's German) stayed up in Breck because they flew out for Kelsi's farewell/open house.  Opi loves skiing so he went almost everyday and Omi stayed in the condo because she had knee surgery awhile ago and its too painful.  My aunt JaKie and her cute kids were up in the condo as well as my aunt NaNet and her kids.  So there was a lot of family and it was a great week! 
Hunter my bro just hanging out in my Aunts condo
CaLon my cousin with his iTouch
LuKus my cousin- such a cutie!
Just hanging out in the condo and pretty tired actually
Kevin and my room in the Beaver Run lodge
Kevin on his 2nd day of snowboarding- he hit up the green slopes and did great- Kevin learned how to snowboard last year for only 1 day so this was his 1st day of the season as well as his 2nd day ever riding- I LOVE teaching him!
Pumped before a run
Patrick, me, & Kev
Zach & me at dinner at Beaver Run
On to Part 2!
PS. If you like to snowboard and wanna go sometime this season hit me up...
I'll be riding at The Canyons!!!

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