The Canyons

Kevin, Patrick, and me hit up The Canyons on January 8, 2011.  Patrick has a season pass there and he had 2 free all-day buddy passes so we got hooked up.  Utah resorts vs. Colorado resorts...still a big fan of the Colorado resorts.  I liked riding at The Canyons but the runs were a lot narrower and you had to go on a bunch more catwalks.  It is just different but still good.  
Patrick on the lift from the parking lot to the resort entrance
 Canyons here we come
 Heated seats + orange bubble shield (no wind or snow in our faces) = Best lift ride ever
 Patrick & Kev
 My beautiful photography. Let's be honest here. This is bomb.
 The tools in the terrain park. Gotta love em. (Okay they are not all tools but some are).
 BOXZILLA! The most stupidest box/rail ever.  They put all of the boxes together and made one huge long box of 250 ft.  The problem was they started the box with a S rail which is very hard to do and even if you had enough speed to get through it no way you could make it to the end and end on a C rail.  Anyways, pretty funny to watch. 
Kev & Patrick
 Me, Kev, & Patrick right after a lift
 The group
Thanks Patrick for the free buddy passes...although I doubt you've ever seen my blog. Canyons anyone?

Good luck CEL

Celestine Yeung is one of my favorite friends.  
She is so smart, fun, beautiful, hilarious, and so Asian.  She just moved to CALI to work a little before she goes and becomes a big time doctor (possibly a gynecologist, oncologist, pediatrician, or something with research--she rocks at research).  She was one of my friends I met in the dorms at BYU and we hung out ever since we met.  I also lived with her my sophomore year at King Henry.  We hung out a couple of times right before she left for CA; we went shopping once and hit up Cafe Rio for her last meal in Provo. Here she is!!! (Dang I need to find some old freshman pics...but my freakin computer lost all of my data/pics/info).
DEF need to go and visit her in sunny California...but thank goodness she will be back to Provo to walk at graduation with me :)

Breckenridge Part 2

What is the coldest you've gone snowboarding/skiing in? We (Kev, dad, & I) went in -7 degrees with wind equaling -27 degrees. No big deal.  
We did a half day and started at 12 and could only make it until 3:30 (lifts close at 4pm).  MY TOES were freezing SO bad!!! Actually everything was.  My goggles never are cold but somehow the cold air was getting in the cracks (like between goggles/helmet- don't worry not a gaper).  Anyways, it was SOOOOO cold.  Not the best of skiing conditions but a good story nonetheless.  Pretty crazy. 
Here is Kelsi and I playing DDR in the arcade one of the nights... I am def not as good at DDR as I used to be haha.
 I don't know how to explain this ha but our aunt who teaches NIA/Zumba/Weight classes/Yoga...etc...has a picture album on Facebook titled "Life's a Balancing Act" and there are tons of pics like the one below balancing doing a pose so we had to do one haha.
 We took a lunch break up in a restaurant on the top of the mountain and then found Patrick who was meeting a friend! Oh we definitely ate chocolate and trail mix for our lunch this day! So bad! But cheap (because we carried it in our pockets) and fast- no wasting time on the mountains.
 Um nuff said. Some weird arcade game...
 Upset Panda. Hunter's favorite animal is a PANDA and he got this hat.  He is so cute haha and I think he as in a bad mood here and got mad that I took this picture!
 Oh just at a big time burger joint.
Okay that is it! Hope your Christmas break was just as great as ours.
Part 1 here. If you missed it.

Breckenridge Part 1

Can I just say I love the snow, mountains, ski resorts, and snowboarding? We went up to Breckenridge December 27 until January 1.  It was so much fun.  I love Breck.  We have stayed here a few times in a condo and it's the best.  We had 4 solid days of riding.
Poor Kelsi hurt her labrum a month or so ago snowboarding in Utah being a little too crazy so she couldn't ride.  Plus she was going on mission like a week and a half later.  So she had to sit out and was pretty bummed.  Opi & Omi (grandpa & grandma on my mom's side- it's German) stayed up in Breck because they flew out for Kelsi's farewell/open house.  Opi loves skiing so he went almost everyday and Omi stayed in the condo because she had knee surgery awhile ago and its too painful.  My aunt JaKie and her cute kids were up in the condo as well as my aunt NaNet and her kids.  So there was a lot of family and it was a great week! 
Hunter my bro just hanging out in my Aunts condo
CaLon my cousin with his iTouch
LuKus my cousin- such a cutie!
Just hanging out in the condo and pretty tired actually
Kevin and my room in the Beaver Run lodge
Kevin on his 2nd day of snowboarding- he hit up the green slopes and did great- Kevin learned how to snowboard last year for only 1 day so this was his 1st day of the season as well as his 2nd day ever riding- I LOVE teaching him!
Pumped before a run
Patrick, me, & Kev
Zach & me at dinner at Beaver Run
On to Part 2!
PS. If you like to snowboard and wanna go sometime this season hit me up...
I'll be riding at The Canyons!!!


Hangout, Massage Chairs, & Sushi

I'm getting behind in blogging again!!! Anywho, here is a little on what went down on Dec. 26, 2010!

Earlier in the day Kelsi had her farewell talk and missionary farewell... then Emily & Mindy stayed longer after her farwell and we hung out and made sushi!  December 27th is my dad's birthday and we were heading up to Breckenridge that day so we gave him his birthday present early...which is a sushi kit with lots of seafood!  My dad served a mission in Tokyo, Japan so he loves Asian food and sushi. 
Mindy, Zach (bro), & Mom - In bed ha
 Emily in the massage chair!!! Love this thing.  My favorite setting is "Stretch."
 Hunter just hanging out and playing with his remote control helicopter
 First try of sushi
 Mindy, dad, Hunter, & Kevin
 Kevin with his artwork *Sushi*
 Mindy & I being Asian with sushi.  She does a better job than I.
Love just hanging out at home...so much!!!


Last Semester at BYU!!!

So this is officially the last semester at BYU for me...! Sweet? Yes. Bitter? No...? No.  Here is my class lowdown!

Entrepreneurial Marketing- M/W at 9:30-10:45am with Gary Rhoads.  Kevin is in this class with me...which makes it exciting :)  This class is mandatory for Entrepreneurship majors (Kev) and an elective for Marketing majors (me!)...  The teacher is incredible, passionate, and makes the class fun.  You learn about marketing/advertising your new startup/company whatnot with no moolah.  I'm excited.  New marketing concepts.

Strategic Management (Capstone class)- M/W at 12:30-1:45pm with Roger McCarty. This is probably going to be my least favorite class!  I'm in this class with my friend Brooke Pepper.  Today we were in class and SO bored...and our teacher talks over our head and we have no clue what is going on! Basically strategy isn't fun and this class is going to suck real bad.  Plus you read lots of Harvard Business cases...and I'm not a fan of cases.

Entrepreneurship Lecture Series- Monday at 2-2:50pm.  I'm in this class with Patrick (my bro) and his buddy Dallin.  I've taken this class before but in a section specifically for Women entrepreneurs...each week you have very successful business people come in and tell you about their company, how they started it, answer questions, inspire you, and whatnot.  And they give out free stuff too.  Today in class we got free car air fresheners...the CEO of the company that sells all of the car fresheners to Walmart spoke to us. 

Economics of Market Systems ManEc 300- T/Th at 12:30-1:45pm.  I hate ManEc classes SO much! ManEc= Managerial Economics....and Econ is my weakness.  I can do well in any class at BYU but for some reason I cannot get Economics! So here is my 4th and last Econ class to endure... :-/  Enough said.

Food Preparation in the Home, SFL 110- Wednesday lecture from 11-11:50pm, Thursday cooking lab from 9-11:50am.  This is just a fun class to throw in there to get my credits up to a full time student! It is cheaper to be  a full time student than a three/quarters time student!  Anywho, it is coookinggg....and you cook for 3 hours every Thursday, and wear aprons in class.  Surprisingly you have a lot of busy work in this class...which is lame...but it will be fun! And you get a lot of leftovers to bring home which is great...Kevin really wants me to take this class haha.

Advanced Tennis- T/Th. from 6:10-7:50pm (block class).  I may have to drop this class for work scheduling but hopefully not!!!! Ahhh, I have been looking forward to this class for awhile now! Playing tennis for an hour and a half twice a week! Just like back in the olden day in high school...except I played every day for longer than that...we'll see!

 That's what I'm up to...these days! I will have more free time than last semester so that is good!!! :)