Yes we had Thanksgiving too

So clearly I don't blog a lot because I am busy and finally am blogging about Thanksgiving right on Christmas Eve but here is our setting for our Thanksgiving dinner!!!  People kept asking us who we were having Thanksgiving dinner with and we had it with ourselves....and Katinka.  And it was a lot of fun! We made: turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes (Ok I peeled 9 lbs. Truth. And didn't realize it was too many), blueberry muffins, rhodes rolls, spinach salad, peaches, sweet potato casserole, and had pumpkin pie for dessert! We both fed Katinka a lot of human food which wasn't good because she stopped eating her dog food for a week...haha.  Then she ate dog food once she realized we weren't giving her anymore human food.  Anyways, we decided we were thankful for a lot of things and both named 10 things.  Here is some of what I remember, but clearly we are thankful for a lot more!
1.  Church (gospel, whatever is relevent)
2. Family
3. Friends
4. Katinka (family/friend but an animal)
5. Place to live
6. Food to eat
7. Being able to attend BYU *best school ever...but really*
8. Cars
9. Jobs
10. Temples (Church 1.)
 And a lot more.
Anyways, it was a great day of relaxation and cooking! It was so nice to take a day off from school work *actually I may have done a little haha I don't remember* and WORK and a day where I can actually see Kevin for most of it!!!

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