Siegfried's & the Nutcracker

I planned a date night and bought tickets to go see Ballet West's The Nutcracker!  I wasn't sure if Kevin would be willing to go but I brought up the idea and he was okay with it.  Anyways, so Ballet West is an incredible dance company based out of Salt Lake City and all of the dancers have been training for years and most of which are from other parts of the US or even from other countries.  We saw the performance Dec. 20 so this past Monday.  
AND I decided to go along with the dance performance that we would eat at Siegfried's Delicatessen -an authentic German restaurant!  Kevin had never ate there and I had been wanting to take him for awhile now.  I had been once with my mom and loved it.  Incase you really don't know me I am a big part German so I love German food and ate it every once in awhile growing up!
Here is Kevin with his bratwurst, cold German potato salad, and saurkraut...!
 And me with my goulash mit spaetzle!
 I gave us a TON of time to eat and get to the theater and little did I know but the German restaurant was RIGHT next to the theater so we had a ton of time!  So we are here waiting like an hour before the performance started...and we couldn't get into the theater until like half an hour beforehand...or something like that!
All excited!
 Kevin with a larger-than-life-size Nutcracker! He liked it so much he asked some workers if they were for sale and how much they were ha!
Just had to throw this in here-- this is the performance poster-- kind of creepy...they should have had a ballerina in it...although this creeper is a dancer ha.
 Being cheap lame college students I got the cheapest tickets which were $18...and the most expensive were $74.  So we walked up two flights of stairs and ended up in the nosebleed section haha and...it was very high up.  Here is Kevin with some German chocolate we got at the restaurant!  LUCKILY at intermission we moved to some seats Kevin had scouted out during the performance.  The seats we moved to were literally the best seats of the balcony and were def $74 seats...so they were incredible! So glad we made the switch...we could actually see the dancers faces!  I get so mesmerized by ballet...I wish I could be as good as them!
 It was such a great night...I would love to go to many more Ballet West performances!

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