Merry Christmas to all!

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!  
Here's what down in the Gormley house: 
We slept in and then found what Santa brought us.  Every year Santa brings everyone a new ornament; Kevin got a baseball Santa and I got a little cupcake.
We ate some breakfast and opened up the presents.
Kevin got a snowboard, boots, and bindings! 
(We actually got this stuff in Utah and took this pic there...look at little Katinka creeping on the couch!)
And he got this bomb Zephyr BYU snapback.
I got clothes, the Eclipse dvd, The Little Princess dvd (don't you love that movie?), planner, super cute dog journal from Barnes & Noble, and some other random things.
Katinka got a new collar and winter coat as well as dog charms from Kelsi (as a joke ha).  The dog charms are charms that you hang from a dog's collar.  One says "Talk to the paw."
Now since we are married we do not get every sibling a present.  This year we had Zach.  We got him a wallet that he really wanted.  
Here is a pic of Zach yo-yoing...and no he is not albino, my camera is ghetto sometimes!
Patrick had Kevin and I and he picked out a shirt for each of us from The Buckle.  Patrick is trying to get Kevin to have a style I think...ha.
We got my mom money for some fancy nail polish she wants to order online (with protein).
And we got my dad a brownie pan that makes perfectly cut brownies...he is obsessed with brownies!
Then we just hungout the rest of the day relaxing and doing whatever.  I blogged a lot (obviously) and we watched The Little Princess, some of Eclipse, and Despicable Me.
Kevin played NHL Hockey with Patrick for multiple hours...
We had a great dinner of honey baked ham, potatoes, and broccoli!
Merry Christmas!

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