Kelsi's Special Day

Kelsi is going on a mission to Sao Paulo, Brazil...and heading into the Provo MTC on Jan. 12, 2010!   So it is coming up WAY fast!  We all drove up to Denver on Dec. 23, 2010 and went to the temple for Kelsi to go through.  It was neat going into the temple because the last time we were here was when Kevin and I got married in August 8, 2008!  Here are some pictures!
Mom, Kelsi (in her missionary clothes!), Omi, Dad, me, Kevin
 Opi, Omi, Kevin, me, Mom, Kelsi, & Dad
Kevin & me...love him...nice picture thanks to my Opi! (grandpa in German)
Reminded me of us posing when we just got married!!!
After we went through we all ate dinner at the Grand Luxe Cafe at the Park Meadows Mall...PS. I LOVE THAT MALL!  Anyways, the restaurant is JUST like The Cheesecake Factory but a little cheaper.  I swear it has to be the same company that made it because it feels and looks just like it!  That is actually the restaurant we ate at after I went through the temple for the first time! Maybe it will be a tradition for my siblings!  Then the boys headed home and my mom, Kelsi, and me went to a couple of stores in the mall.  We visited the Franklin Planner store and if you know me I always have a PLANNER.  I was thinking about getting a Franklin Planner (my mom always gets me one each Christmas because she is just like me and has one always) but decided to go with something less intense, haha.  We drove home from Denver, hit up Barnes & Noble (shout out to all: they have the cutest journals/planners), and grabbed a gift card at Cinemark for a friend.  
Then we all hung out at home and Emily came over.  Emily is my friend (who was a bridesmaid) from junior high.  She works at Whole Foods...in case you've been MIA, Whole Foods is an organic and all natural grocery store and is a really good place to work...great benefits...health insurance...whatnot.  I'm pretty sure they are a Fortune something company...anyways, so Kevin was going to make a big Italian dinner the next day (24th/Christmas Eve) and was going to make tiramisu so we went to Whole Foods.  Emily had just gotten off work but was nice enough to go back with us!  She cut open some fruit for us to try and showed us the best goods for the meal.  
We totally tried this fruit...it is called...
Buddhas Hand Citron
Apparently it is a citrus fruit that people put in yogurts and on top of ice cream...really random! It actually looks like a claw...and if you ask me I think it is creepy.
Then we went home and made the tiramisu which had to sit out all night in the fridge.....and by the way it was INCREDIBLE!!!
It was a long and busy but good day!

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